Caring November

In Krupski region organization of the Red Cross, November was filled with care for their wards

Thus, on the basis of the nursing care department in the village of Vydritsa, specialists of the Belarusian Red Cross Society organized a home-care workshop with elements of kinesthetics for people caring for the elderly and people with disabilities. The workshop was attended by relatives of people with disabilities who carry out their daily care.

On the last day of November, volunteers of the district organization on the basis of FGC Gracia conducted training on healthy lifestyles, prevention of non-communicable diseases and healthy aging of the elderly. The training was held under the motto: "We need each other." Volunteers invited not only elderly people, but also orphans, some of them came with their children. Older people enjoyed playing with the children, and the kids happily communicated with them. At the end of the event, the participants of the meeting received gifts from the district organization BOKK.

The volunteers of the Kind Heart detachment of the Krupskaya district organization of BDUK also did not overlook the elderly, lonely people, providing them with all possible assistance in resolving economic issues during the “Care” action. They applied and laid firewood for them, cleared the porch and paths from snow and ice, and after hard work they talked over a cup of hot tea.

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