Our children

The editors together with the Office of Education, Sport and Tourism Department conducts creative project called "Student of the Year"

Every Friday we will acquaint readers with talented and resourceful, creative and creative students that knowledge, intelligence, diligence, and achievements glorify district, their school, teachers and themselves.

 Every year, in order to identify, support and development of intellectual and creative potential among pupils of 3-11 grades held regional competition, which determines the best, the most curious, the most knowledgeable guys district. The organizing committee received 52 applications from 15 secondary education institutions. Jury selected 37 winners in 18 categories.

 Over the shoulders of the participants numerous victories on the subject Olympiads, a successful defense of creative projects, presentations at scientific conferences, participation in sports competitions, art contests, school and social life of the city. You need to know all about them, they were proud to have taken an example.

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