Following the results of work for 2018, the prosecutor of Minsk Oblast Oleg Lavrukhin held a press conference

The prosecutor's office of the region held a meeting of the prosecutor of Minsk Oblast with representatives of the republican and regional mass media, in which the first deputy prosecutor of the region Boris Petrovsky, deputy prosecutors of the region Sergey Shikunets and Alexander Belitsky also took part

Oleg Lavrukhin, responding to questions from correspondents about the state of the criminal situation in the Minsk region, noted that the work carried out by the prosecutor's office in cooperation with other law enforcement agencies contributed to strengthening the rule of law and law and order in the region. “The organizational and practical measures taken by the Minsk Oblast Prosecutor’s Office in 2018 contributed to increasing the effectiveness of the prosecutor’s supervision and its human rights component,” he said.

In 2018, the number of crimes committed decreased by 3.5% - 15.9 thousand versus 16.5 thousand in 2017. The crime rate decreased from 116 to 111 crimes per 10 thousand people.

The dynamics of reducing the number of crimes committed by previously convicted persons, in a state of intoxication, by a group of people, in public places, in rural areas has been preserved.

At the same time, the number of committed thefts by using computer equipment, embezzlement by misappropriation or embezzlement, hooliganism, non-compliance with the requirements of preventive supervision and evasion of punishment in the form of restriction of freedom has increased.

In six regions of the region, an increase in crime is observed: Berezinsky (+ 17.4%), Logoisk (+ 16%), Lyubansky (+ 8.5%), Uzdensky (+ 8.4%), Nesvizh (+ 8%), Vileika (+ 7.3%).

The growth of murders was noted in the Borisov, Luban, Uzda districts and the city of Zhodino, and the deliberate cause of serious bodily injuries - in the Minsk, Slutsk, Logoisk, Dzerzhinsk and Pukhovichsky districts. At the same time, 37.5% of the murders were committed on the basis of domestic conflicts.

There is a growth of criminal hooliganism by 35.7%. The organizational and practical measures taken in the region contributed to a decrease in juvenile crime by 7.2%.

However, in Berezino, Vileika, Kopyl, Minsk, Myadel, Nesvizh, Slutsk and Starye Dorogi regions, an increase in the number of crimes committed by minors is observed.

The organizational and practical measures taken on the territory of the region contributed to the reduction of juvenile crime in 2018 by 7.2%.

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