Saturday at the memorial complex "Khatyn"

On April 20, 2019, at 10.30, the leadership of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee will hold a clean-up day at the Khatyn memorial complex (Logoisk region)

Khatyn village was destroyed on March 22, 1943. 149 residents of Khatyn were burned alive or shot.

In 1969, at the place where the village was located, a memorial complex was opened. Khatyn became a symbol of the mass annihilation of the civilian population, carried out by the Nazis and collaborators in the occupied territory of the USSR.

The memorial architectural and sculpture complex covers an area of ​​about 50 hectares. In the center of the memorial composition is a six-meter bronze sculpture "The Unsubdued Man" with a dead child in her arms. Near the closed granite slabs, symbolizing the roof of the barn, in which the villagers were burned. On the mass grave of white marble - The crown of memory.

On the territory of the complex is the only in the world “Cemetery of villages” - 185 graves, each of which symbolizes one of the unregenerated Belarusian villages burned together with the population (the 186th unregenerated village is Khatyn itself).

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