The ban on visiting the forest introduced in four regions of Minsk Oblast

It operates in Volozhin, Minsk, Smolevichi and Starye Dorogi regions. Such information is listed on the website of the Ministry of Forestry

Experts of the Ministry of Forestry remind that in most cases the cause of forest fires is man. Only rarely blamed lightning or spontaneous combustion of the peat. In Belarus, there are difficult weather and climatic conditions: dry, there is no rain for a long time and a gusting wind. In such conditions, the fire spreads rapidly. Since the beginning of the year, 180 forest fires have been recorded in the country. During this period of the year, the unauthorized burning of dry vegetation or garbage in fields and household plots begins. The fire quickly goes into the forest.

A ban on visiting forests is imposed by local authorities at the suggestion of the leshozes or the Emergencies Ministry. The ban is a temporary measure, the ministry asks people to treat this with understanding.

For the duration of the ban, people should not visit forests, and also enter them on their own vehicles. Exceptions are roads leading to settlements or summer cottages through the forest. In all other cases, violators can be punished with a warning or a fine of up to 25 basic values ​​under art. 15.29 Code of Administrative Offenses If the forest or peat bog will suffer, then the penalty will increase.

For the illegal burning of dry vegetation, standing grass and crop residues in the fields, administrative liability is provided for in accordance with art. 15.57 Administrative Code and a fine of up to 40 base units.

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