“Belarus remembers” action continues

The Council of veterans of the Soligorsk region, together with the Republican Youth Union of Belarus, tested "Photo dryer" project

In the park of 4 elements, a platform was organized, where portraits of veterans of the Great Patriotic War were hung on special carriers, meetings, rallies, round tables, open dialogues in the district’s educational institutions, the regional competition of the military-patriotic song Red Carnation were held, Motocross in places of military glory with the organization of rallies, meetings with veterans of the Great Patriotic War, sports events.

This year, the Belarus remembers television project launched jointly with the Soligorsk television channel.

Prepared in conjunction with the Republic of Kazakhstan BRYU talk show "Veterans of the youth: We won - you save."

On April 30, an interregional meeting of veterans of the Great Patriotic War in the Zyslov partisan zone of the Lyuban district with the participation of deputies of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus will be held.

In April, for the first time, a vocal competition was held among the veterans of the “Songs of Victory”, the organizers of the competition were the district council of veterans and the regional union of trade unions.

The Council of Veterans initiated a spiritual and patriotic project “Let us bow both dead and alive”, during which volunteers, representatives of social services, representatives of local authorities visited all the veterans of World War II at home.

The Council of Veterans organized the action “Labor Collectives of the Veteran”, together with educational and cultural institutions, conducts a review competition of museums with a military exposition, an action “Memory Marathon” in educational institutions, the “Light a Memory Star” project is being implemented in the district library.

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