The final round of the regional contest “Family of the Year of Minsk Oblast” was held in Slutsk

In total, 23 participants fought for the right to be called the best large family of the central region

In total, 23 participants fought for the right to be called the best large family of the central region - the competition is huge. But a month ago, the jury determined 6 finalists, they were representatives of the Myadel, Nesvizh, Slutsk, Soligorsk, Smolevichi and Minsk regions. They presented their projects at the final stage in Slutsk.

In the lobby of Slutsk city culture house it smells of homemade pastries, and the room itself has turned into a huge playground and a creative workshop. These are the finalists of the “Family of the Year of Minsk Region” competition organized exhibitions and master classes for the jury and guests of the event. There is no competitive spirit here, rather a family friendly atmosphere prevails.

- We are all winners already, because we have such large and friendly families, - smiles Lyudmila Krukovich, mother of many children from Soligorsk region.

Ludmila and her family - her husband Sergey, daughter Elizabeth and sons Alex and Arseny, decided to submit to the jury the most important thing they have - their own dream. 6 years ago they created the layout of their ideal home. They did their best: they built 3 floors, thought out the interior of each room, hung wallpaper and even carried out the lighting. Small figures of each family member live in an ideal home.

- While in real life we ​​do not have such a house, we live in an apartment. But we don’t stop dreaming - because all dreams come true, - Ludmila Krukovich is sure.

But the participants from Smolevichi presented a large project dedicated to the study of their own kind. Nikolay and Alyona Tsukanov, together with four children, created the Genealogy, which stores information about five generations of their family. So it was possible to find out that among the ancestors of Nicholas were Russian Cossacks, and in the clan Alena - Polish gentry. Father passes the sons of the Cossacks tradition to his sons, and his mother, together with his daughters, prepares cepellines, the recipe of which in the family is passed from generation to generation.

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