The V International Festival ART-PANORAMA Baltika is over

It was attended by residents of many other European countries, including Belarus

Minsk Oblast was represented at the event by students of the Department of Modern Art of the Center for Children's and Youth Creativity of the Soligorsk region. For children, their parents and teachers, the festival route ran through the cities of Rezekne, Daugavpils, Riga (Latvia) and Stockholm (Sweden).

Preparations for the event began long before the start - from February of this year. The students drew creative works, the teachers organized open-air activities for the children, told about the countries and cities they were to visit. Great help in the preparation of children provided parents.

Armed with art supplies, tablets, enthusiasm and creative inspiration, 27 students, 13 parents and 3 teachers (Svetlana Burak, Lorina Nikolaevna Falaleeva, Angela Savvichna Ruskevich) set off on a journey across the Baltic.

The first event of the festival, the opening of an exhibition of creative works, took place in Latvia (Rezekne). Participants were greeted by the city administration, representatives of embassies, the jury, the organizers of the festival. The works of young artists in Soligorsk took a worthy place in the overall exhibition. The drawings reflected the national character, professionally conveyed by technique, imagination and knowledge of their small homeland. An open-air event was organized for the participants of the festival, during which children and teachers demonstrated their abilities in the field of open-air sketches. Residents of Sweden enjoyed watching the work of young artists in the difficult conditions of drawing in the open air. Stormy applause, the joy of children, the pride of teachers and parents overwhelmed everyone at the time of viewing the exhibition and awarding. A total of 27 medals and 30 diplomas of various degrees were added to the piggy bank of the Center for Creativity.

It is gratifying that members of the jury of the Belarusian Union of Artists awarded children with diplomas of various degrees for reflection in the works of historical and cultural values ​​of our country. The teachers who prepared the students were thanked. Special thanks to the organizers expressed to Snezhana Mikhaylovna Koltun, director of the Center for Children's and Youth Creativity of the Soligorsk region.

Unforgettable impressions and a lot of positive emotions were taken with them by the Soligorians from the International Festival of Children's and Youth Creativity “ART-PANORAMA Baltika” to their hometown.

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