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Minsk Regional Customs meets participants of the II European Games.

Three days remain before the start of a large-scale sporting event - the II European Games. For customs, it is a hot time: flights with teams-participants arrive at an interval of 15-20 minutes. On duty, specialists of the Minsk Regional Customs are among the first who meet the participants of the II European Games. About 1 thousand athletes from Croatia, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Austria, Romania, Albania, Russia, Estonia, Finland, Ukraine, Spain, Poland and other countries flew to our country through the National airport "Minsk". Sincere smiles and good knowledge of foreign languages ​​- this is the calling card of the staff of the Minsk Regional Customs. In cooperation with volunteers, customs officers ensure the most comfortable passage of customs formalities. Athletes import special sports equipment, including sports weapons, which require mandatory monitoring. Despite this, the time of customs operations usually does not exceed 3 minutes.

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