Winners of the Republican Spartakiads of pupils

On June 19, on the eve of the 2nd European Games, a solemn closing ceremony of the 14th Republican School and Student Contest was held in the Minsk region.

Slutsk city stadium presented to the audience a march-parade of teams-participants in sport games from all over Belarus. Young athletes marched on treadmills, showing excellent physical form, good mood and proud of their sporting achievements - personal and team.

Eduard Tomilchik, Head of the Main Directorate of Educational and Youth Policy of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus, congratulated the guys, and emphasized that there are no losers in sports, because you need to win every day, striving for great achievements.

The head of the main education department of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee Tatyana Valentinovna Apranich warmly congratulated the participants on the grandiose event and especially welcomed those children who were born 14 years ago, in the year of the opening of the 1st Republican Games, and today they receive awards. Tatyana Valentinovna assured that the Minsk Regional Executive Committee is proud of the successes and achievements of each young participant of the Sport games.

Congratulating the guys, the head of the jury of the Sport games Antonina Koshel, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, Honored Coach of the BSSR in sport gymnastics, said that the road to big sport began with school Sport games, and wished the participants to get into national teams to defend in major competitions to honor of Belarus in future.

The team of the Minsk region was represented by about 400 students. The most agile, fastest, most daring were on the pedestal to receive the prize awards. Among them are sportsmen who won bronze medals in summer sports - handball (girls), freestyle wrestling (girls), drafts.

Pupil who took the 4th place in basketball (boys), handball (boys), free-style wrestling (boys), bullet shooting, fencing, Greco-Roman wrestling, football (girls) and cycling were close to the pedestal.

The coach of the regional football team, Sergey Vladimirovich Leschinsky, a physical education teacher at the secondary school number 14 in Molodechno, shares the joy of participating in the Sport gameswith his pupils: “Girls who play football are the female face of a male sport, this is our pride and our hope ".

Excellent results were achieved by our young athletes in individual competitions in various sports disciplines. So, for example, Julia Gorbach (Borisov district) took 1st place in freestyle swimming at a distance of 50 meters and 2nd place in freestyle swimming at a distance of 100 meters. In the same distance among young men Dmitry Shulga (Soligorsk region) took 2nd place. In the integrated swimming at a distance of 400 meters Ilya Burakovsky (Vileysky district) took 3 place. The 1st place also belongs to the team of young men of the Minsk region in the combined relay race 4 * 50 meters. Dmitry Shulga (Soligorsk district), Leon Adamovich (Borisov district), Nick Fereshtian (Minsk region) and Jan Glushkov (Slutsk district) participated in it.

Anna Zhdanovich, pupil of secondary school number 6 in Slutsk, who had third-degree diploma in handball competitions among girls, shared her impressions of participation in the Olympics: “The games turned out to be difficult, it was necessary to tune in and give all the best results to get closer to the title of "master of sports", and this is my dream ... "

Sports festival took place. But his mood, optimism for a long time will be for all of us the motivating force in achieving new individual and team successes.

Forward to the 15th Republican schoolchildren's spartakiad in Brest!

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