The Bagration festival will take place on the Stalin Line on July 3

On July 3, 2019, with the support of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Belarus, the XIII Festival Bagration, dedicated to the main holiday of the Republic of Belarus - Independence Day (July 3) will be held on the territory of the historical and cultural complex “Line of Stalin”.

XIII Festival "Bagration" is a traditional and one of the most visited events of the complex. Every year we try to expand the format of the event and the number of participants so that one of the key moments in the history of our country is not forgotten.

On July 3, within the framework of the festival, a large-scale military-historical reconstruction of the events of the Great Patriotic War, which occurred on June 28, 1944 during the Belarusian offensive operation "Bagration", will be carried out. In the course of this large-scale offensive operation, the BSSR was liberated and the German Army Group Center was almost completely defeated, after which Germany was unable to make up for the losses incurred.

As always, the festival has a great interest among re-enactors of near and far abroad. Applications for participation were submitted by clubs from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland. The total number of participants is more than 200 people.

The original equipment will be widely presented: T-34-76, Su-76M, GAZ-67, ZIS-3, replicas of the German Panzer III and Panzer 38 (t) tanks and much more. All this will colorfully and concisely complement the overall picture at the festival, and will make an impression not only on the audience, but also on the connoisseurs of rare vehicles and weapons.

Also for the visitors of the complex we have prepared an entertainment program with many activities that will be appreciated not only by adults, but also by children. The artillery school, quiz "Operation Bagration", the obstacle platform "Path of the Scout" will work on these days. As before, the most active visitors will receive gifts and souvenirs, and the winners of the TRP competitive area will be able to participate by free of charge in the extreme recreation program - combat equipment riding.

The weather during the XIII Festival Bagration -2019 is expected to be warm, with air temperatures from +23 to + 28 ° С.

Preliminary program of the event for July 3:

11:00 Opening of the excursion and interactive areas for visitors

11:30 Opening of the TRP competitive area

14:00 Military history reconstruction “Operation Bagration”

16:30 End of interactive zones

17:00 Rewarding and awarding diplomas

21:00 Closing of the complex

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