Regional theater of puppets gathered anshlag on "Slavianski Bazaar"

In addition to concerts of songs and dances, theatrical program is widely presented at the International Festival "SlavianskiBazaar". Minsk Regional Puppet Theatre "Batleika" this year represents Belarus. Molodechno chose the premiere performance of Eugene Kornyag "Sisters of Graya" for the show - and they were not mistaken because tickets were bought in advance, the audience stood in the aisles along the walls.

There are no words in the performance - there is only light, sounds, and an amazing play of actors. Director of the Alla Polyakova told the Minskaya Volna that this performance was completely experimental: “When we took on this work a year ago, we were very risky. After all, everyone understands only what they can understand, but here you have to look and think, and every show is not like to previous. "

By the way, this performance is very warmly received by both the audience and theatre critics and is headed by the top 10 best performances of Belarus.

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