On the progress of the harvesting campaign in Minsk Oblast on 07.28.2019. Leaders in yield and ground

In the region, 28.6% of the area was harvested (504,757 tons of grain and leguminous crops were threshed), the average yield was 35 centners per hectare

According to the general grind leading:

Nesvizh (64,613 tons), Slutsk (51,957 tons), Kletsk (44,111 tons), Kopyl (43,723 tons), Soligorsk (35,314 tons).

In terms of yield lead:

Nesvizh (60.0 centners per hectare), Kletsk (49.0 centners per hectare), Dzerzhinsk (48.0 centners per hectare), Minsk (42.0 centners per hectare), Molodechno (41.0 centners per hectare).

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