On the progress of the harvesting campaign in Minsk Oblast on 08.08.2019. Leaders in yield and ground

73.6% of the area was harvested in the region (1,283,119 tons of grain and leguminous crops were threshed), the average yield is 35 centners per ha.

According to the total threshing lead:

Nesvizh (128,469 tons), Slutsk (106,514 tons), Kopyl (102,224 tons), Minsk (90,094 tons), Kletsk (80,492 tons)

Leading in productivity:

Nesvizh (60.0 centners per ha), Dzerzhinsk (49.0 centners per ha), Kletsk (48.0 centners per hectare), Minsk (45.0 centners per hectare), Molodechno (42.0 centners per hectare)

By productivity among farms:

1. OAO "Gastellovskoye" of the Minsk region - Sokolovsky Stanislav Cheslavovich (84.2 c / ha);

2. JSC "NEW LIFE" of the Nesvizh district - Andrey A. Ratomsky (81.6 c / ha);

3. SEC "Agricultural Plant of Dreams" of Nesvizh district - Nikolay Vyacheslavovich Radoman (76.6 c / ha);

4. JSC "Gritskevichi" of the Nesvizh district - Zdanovich Evgeny Vladimirovich (76.5 c / ha);

5. “Dzerzhinsky agricultural complex” - 71.8 centners per ha;

The best combine harvesters:

1. Makretsky Petr Nikolaevich, Demidchik Alexander Sergeevich (KSUP "Tribal plant Krasnaya Zvezda", Kletsky district) - 2720 tons of threshed; combine brand - Lexion-580;

2. Kostyukevich Sergey Antonovich, Burak Alexander Leonidovich (JSC "Kukhchitsy", Kletsky district) - 2562 tons were threshed; combine brand - KZS-1218A-1-02;

3. Luchik Ivan Valerievich, Gurinovich Sergey Ivanovich (Branch of PSA “Nasha Niva” of OJSC “Slutsk meat processing plant” of the Slutsk region) - 2484 tons were threshed, the brand of the combine was Lexion 580;

4. Antiptsev Aleksandr Aleksandrovich, Antiptsev Vladimir Aleksandrovich (SRUP “State Farm Rachkovichi” of the Belorussian Railway of the Slutsk Region) - 2468 tons were harvested, mark of the Lexion 580 combine;

five . Voynyak Sergey Vladimirovich (SEC "AK Snov" of Nesvizh district) - 2460 tons of threshed;

The best drivers:

1. Bogdan Dmitry Stepanovich (UE "AK" Zhdanovichi ", Minsk region) - 3086 tons; car make - MAZ-6501V9

2. Skarbich Sergey Ivanovich (Unitary Enterprise "AK" Zhdanovichi ", Minsk region) - 2995 tons; automobile make - MAZ-6501A9;

3. Kapachevsky Alexey Sergeevich (UE "AK" Zhdanovichi ", Minsk region) - 2870 tons; car make - MAZ-6501A9;

4. Khrolovich Alexey Vladimirovich (Gornyak OJSC, Salihorsky district) - 2849 tons; car make - MTZ-3022 PT20;

5. Prokopenko Maxim Romanovich (Branch of the PSA “Nasha Niva” of OJSC “Slutsk Meat Processing Plant”) - 2720 tons; car make - MAZ 5551605;

Drying Units:

1.Kozlyak Anatoly Valerievich (New Life OJSC of the Nesvizh district) - 11828 tons were dried;

2. Yakovtsov Igor Vladimirovich, Shibut Denis Nikolaevich (SEC “Agricultural plant“ Snov ”of the Nesvizhsky district) - 10240 tons were dried;

3. Yatskevich Ivan Mikhailovich (JSC Gorodeya, Nesvizh district) - 9940 tons were dried;

4. Rusak Alexander Alexandrovich Zhuk Dmitry Nikolaevich (JSC "RAPS" ​​of the Minsk region) - 8408 tons were dried;

5. Yakovets Sergey Viktorovich, Reut Nikolay Nikolaevich (SEC "Agricultural Plant of Dreams" of the Nesvizh district) - 7836 tons were dried;

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