Territorial defense gathering led by Anatoly Isachenko, chairman of Minsk Oblast Executive Committee, was held in Pukhovichi region

On September 12, a gathering on territorial defense was held in the Pukhovichi district with the chairmen of the district executive committees and military commissars of the districts. The gathering was held under the leadership of the chairman of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee Anatoly Isachenko


At the time of the event, each district executive committee was evaluated. The two best were awarded at the end of the year. The head of the territorial defense department, deputy chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus, Colonel Andrei Paseko handed the diplomas to the chairman of the Molodechno district executive committee Yuri Gorlov and the chairman of the Pukhovichi district executive committee Viktor Koleda.


The military commissar of the commissariat of the Minsk region Igor Tarabesh said that during the training theoretical lessons were held on equipping the headquarters control center of the territorial defense areas, and then practical exercises, on which they worked out the procedure for repelling an attack on a guarded object, shooting practice, etc.

The participants in the gathering laid flowers at the monument to the soldiers on the alley of military Glory, erected in 2019 in honor of past and present generations of defenders of the motherland.


“Such studies are extremely necessary,” said Anatoly Isachenko, chairman of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee. - This is a kind of debriefing for a certain period of time. Last year, an inspection of the territorial defense headquarters was carried out, certain comments were made, we took them into account, corrected them. The representative of the General Staff reported that we have reached the level that should be, although there are certain shortcomings. Today we will disassemble them again. It's nice that our two leaders received certificates for decent results."

In an interview with reporters, the military commissar of the Minsk region commissariat Igor Tarabesh assured: “You can sleep peacefully, we are ready to repel any attack.”

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