Since the beginning of the season, 10 tons of cranberries have been harvested in Minsk Oblast

For example, last year, harvesting centers received 40 tons of berries, this year they plan the same

By the way, the cranberry harvest season started in early September and will last until severe frosts.

Unfortunately, there are not so many marshy places where you can pick cranberries in Minsk region. There is a berry berry in the Pukhovichi, Vileika and Starodorozhsky districts - the area occupies only 3% of all forest hectares.

The collection and delivery of cranberries is a good help, because for 1 kg this year they pay 3 rubles. The collected berries are sold in stores, at seasonal fairs, they are also subjected to shock freezing, and some are exported to Russia.

You can collect cranberries in the swamps either manually or with combines that are certified so as not to damage the bushes with berries.

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