Single information day was held in Minsk Oblast

Members of the regional advocacy group (there are 82 in total) visited enterprises, institutions, organizations of the Minsk Region. This Thursday they spoke in labor collectives on two topics that were relevant to the population.

One of them is "Census: a look at the present - a step into the future." Belarus is preparing for the next census, the campaign starts on October 4 and runs through October 30. Related to this is the relevance of informing citizens about the significance of this event not only for the state, but also for each person individually. Citizens should also be aware of how the census will be carried out, what methods of participation in the campaign will be proposed, and how they will not meet with false census takers. Presentation materials proposed for the demonstration confirmed: the census is a significant national event that forms a kind of collective portrait of the whole country.

The second no less relevant topic is “On Road Safety in the Minsk Region”. For eight months of the year, 71 people died and 447 were injured on the roads of the Minsk region. The most common cause of car accidents was an excess of the set speed of a car (20%), second place was shared by traffic violations by pedestrians (12%) and driving while intoxicated (12%). Through the fault of drivers who were intoxicated, totally 52 accidents. And since the tragedies on the roads continue, the members of the regional advocacy group once again reminded about the need to comply with the rules of the road, increased attention on the road. A video was also offered for demonstration, colorfully showing what carelessness on the road can lead to.

During meetings with members of the regional outreach group, employees of enterprises, organizations, institutions could ask exciting questions. If these issues were not immediately clarified during the meetings, then they were taken under control. Applicants will receive clarifications and answers.

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