Chairman of Minsk Oblast Executive Committee Anatoly Isachenko congratulates on Mother's Day!

Dear residents of Minsk Oblast! 

I heartily congratulate you on a bright and warm holiday - Mother's Day!

Man has nothing more precious than maternal love. It gives joy, makes it kinder, warms and supports in difficult times, inspires fruitful activity.

In the Minsk region, as well as throughout the state, a targeted policy is being pursued to strengthen the institution of motherhood and childhood. To this end, a number of programs are being implemented.

Every woman raising a young child receives a long vacation and cash allowance. Particular attention is given to large families.

Counseling and psychological services and leisure centers are organized to help mothers. In kindergartens and schools, the educational process is constantly being improved. Everywhere open children's creative clubs and sports sections.

We will continue this work so that you, our dear mothers, are protected as much as possible from everyday problems, and always feel concern from the side of society.

I wish you and your children good health, prosperity and happiness!

Chairman of Minsk

Regional Executive Committee A.M. Isachenko

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