The work of a student from Zhodino was awarded a diploma at the X International competition of scientific and technical works of schoolchildren "Scientists of the Future" in Moscow

The Scientists of the Future Competition is the largest competition in research and development activities among high school students.

About one hundred participants were invited to the intramural stage, selected from more than a thousand of those who sent applications. Children from different regions of the Russian Federation, Belarus, China, Serbia, Taiwan presented their works. The jury noted a very high level of work and serious competition.

The projects presented for participation in the competition were evaluated by a professional jury consisting of teachers from Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov, foreign scientists, representatives of organizations - partners of the competition.

As a result of the participation, the research work of the student of the gymnasium No. 1 of Zhodino Yakubovsky Yaroslav “The study of a sliding discharge on the surface of a liquid” was awarded a diploma of the II degree. The work was the result of a study conducted under the guidance of a physics teacher in the qualification category “teacher-methodologist” of the gymnasium No. 1 of Zhodino Yakubovskaya Ella Nikolaevna.

The competition was held as part of the IX All-Russian Science Festival “NAUKA 0+” with the support of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov, the Russian Academy of Sciences, and the Government of Moscow.

Participants were given a unique opportunity to listen to lectures by eminent scientists from around the world, including Nobel Prize laureates, to participate in TV bridges with the International Space Station, the European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN, the Arctic station, as well as to go on excursions, attend workshops, film screenings , science shows, and more. No wonder the motto of the festival were the words “Touch science!”

To the question “What was the most memorable at the festival?”, Yakubovsky Yaroslav answered: “Communication! Contestants are not rivals, but friends! The jury members are very interesting interlocutors who show a genuine interest in your work, argue passionately about the results and give valuable advice on improving the project. The words “Nothing is impossible!” On the festival poster become a reality. ”

Congratulations to Yaroslav and Ella Nikolaevna and wish not to stop there!

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