"Berezina-2019" festival will be held near Borisov

On November 23-24, a large-scale reconstruction of the battle will unfold near Borisov. It will be held as part of the festival dedicated to the events of the war of 1812.

This festival, with the reconstruction of the crossing of the French troops through the Berezina, became a brand of the Borisov region. Guests and uniformists from around the world come to participate in it.

Guests have the opportunity to plunge into a unique atmosphere. And to act not only as spectators, but also direct participants in the events of the Patriotic War of 1812. They can become a front-line surgeon and get a bullet out of the “wound”, also try themselves as a blacksmith and forge a horseshoe for a horse.

Military historical clubs and associations specializing in the reconstruction of costume, weapons, armor and equipment of the 19th century will take part in the reconstruction of the battle. They will recreate the moment the Russian army pursued Napoleon’s troops and crossed the river.

By the way, this year for the first time the arrival of the orchestra from France is expected.

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