Volunteers of Smolevichi region organized a charity campaign "Care"

Every year, the Smolevichi regional organization of the Belarusian Red Cross Society tries to conduct the most useful and necessary events, as part of the republican charity campaign BOCC "Care". To provide assistance and support to older people and people with disabilities, to draw public attention to their needs - such goals are set by Red Cross volunteers, taking part in the campaign.

It should be noted that in all district and city organizations of the Red Cross of the Minsk region during this period, many events are held for older people and with their active participation.

So, representatives of the Smolevichi regional organization of the BOCC visited their wards - elderly people and people with disabilities who need outside help and care. The younger sister of the Service of Sisters of Charity, Zhanna Evgenievna Magdaleva, measured the pressure for everyone, was interested in their well-being, and the chairman of the regional organization, Galina Nikolaevna Grafutko, presented each of them with a hygiene kit.

The Care campaign will last until December 5th. Within its framework, the Belarusian Red Cross announced the collection and issuance of humanitarian assistance for those in need, the collection of donations to assist wards of the Service of Sisters of Charity. Thanks to this, everyone through the activities of the Service of Sisters of Charity can lend a helping hand to the elderly, whom the Red Cross tries not to leave alone with their troubles and illnesses, providing them with all kinds of professional medical assistance and support.

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