Memorial complex "Razgrom" in Smolevichi region will be restored

This decision was made at the first meeting of the working group on the implementation of the military-patriotic project "Trail of Military Glory", which took place last Friday on the basis of the Smolevichi region.


As the initiator of this project, Head of the Representative Office of JSC Russian Export Center in the Republic of Belarus, member of the Supervisory Board of JSB Belarusbank Viktor Doronkevich explained, this idea arose a long time ago, since his family is from these places:

“My grandmother and grandfather lived here, and since childhood, together with the veterans, we came to“ Razgrom ”. Now my children are growing up, the family tradition has been preserved. During the discussion of the idea of ​​restoring the monument at the burial place of the partisans-defeatists, a whole concept was formed. She received approval and support from the leadership of the Smolevichi regional executive committee, the Minsk regional executive committee. There is already a definite plan of action. Today, at the first meeting of the working group, a start has been made to restore the monument. Accordingly, specific terms and specific actions are envisaged, - said Viktor Doronkevich.

The working group includes representatives of major financial institutions. At the meeting, it was decided to declare the project "The Path of Military Glory" national.

- In Belarus there was such a tradition - to do something "cleanly", when people united, opportunities united, and a project was implemented. Therefore, we plan to attract the attention of the broad masses of the population both in Belarus and in Russia to this project, using the mass media to tell about this significant place, about the progress of the project, i.e. to deploy broad information work. This will help us raise money for this truly people's project and get financial support. The funds received will be used to restore the Mayhem memorial, to develop infrastructure, as it can be included in the tourist routes of the main travel companies from the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation. Accordingly, we also have ideas for the further development of the "Path of Military Glory" project, - said Viktor Doronkevich.

Let us remind our readers that the memorial complex "Razgrom" in the Strievo tract was built on the site of the dislocation of the partisan brigade of the same name. Every year, on the first Sunday of July, veterans of the Great Patriotic War, their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and local residents gather at this place to honor the memory of the killed partisans-defeatists. To our great regret, the hurricane that swept over the Smolevichi region several years ago did not bypass the Strievo tract. Falling trees damaged a monument at the partisan cemetery.

- Today we are witnessing a significant event. It is from the Smolevichy region that the project to restore all memorial complexes starts. It is important for us, for our children, for our future, so that we remember the Great Patriotic War, - said the chairman of the Smolevichi regional executive committee Andrei Ratomsky.

During the meeting, the working group visited the museum of military glory of the State Educational Institution "Klenniksky CPC kindergarten-basic school", became a participant in the rally-requium "Forever in memory" directly in Strivevo in the memorial complex, where flowers and wreaths were laid to the grave of those who fell in battles for the Motherland partisans, whose names are immortalized on memorial signs.


Photo by Natalya VERBITSKAYA.

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