Minsk Oblast created 5 538 ha of forest crops

Forestry institutions of the country ahead of schedule fulfilled the annual plan for sowing and planting forests. Since the beginning of the year, 33,492 ha of forest crops have been created instead of the planned 32,335 ha, the press service of the Ministry of Forestry reports.


In Minsk Oblast - 5 538 ha. In the first place Gomel - 12 734 ha. 4,534 hectares of new forest appeared in Brest Oblast, 3,006 hectares in Vitebsk Oblast, 3,428 hectares in Grodno Oblast, and 4,252 hectares in Mogilev Oblast.

As in 2019, during reforestation, the emphasis was on areas of shrunken coniferous plantations. A new forest appeared here on a total area of over 20 thousand hectares.

By the way, this year the spring forest season began early. Due to the abnormally warm winter, individual leshozes began sowing and planting forests at the end of February. In case of favorable weather conditions, foresters plan to continue creating new forests in the fall.

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