Molodechno residents supported the #ZaDelo! Project

Republican youth project "#ZaDelo!" started on September 6, on the birthday of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union. Young activists from Molodechno also supported the initiative.

 Приводят в порядок дворовую территорию первый секретарь райкома БРСМ Инна Карпец, волонтеры «Бумеранга» Алексей Лемантович, Владислав Лисовский, Кирилл Кушнерович, а также второй секретарь райкома Елена Станкевич.

The first secretary of the regional committee of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union Inna Karpets, volunteers of Boomerang Aleksey Lemantovich, Vladislav Lisovsky, Kirill Kushnerovich, and the second secretary of the district committee Elena Stankevich are tidying up the courtyard territory.

We remind you that within the framework of the project, subbotniks, measures for the improvement of adjacent territories, and garbage collection are held. So the volunteers of the "Boomerang" detachment of the primary organization of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union of the branch "Molodechno State Polytechnic College" UO "RIPO" together with representatives of the district committee of the youth organization put in order the courtyard area on Pritytsky Street.

The work of the volunteers was challenging. Passers-by expressed gratitude for taking care of their small homeland. I am glad that young people respond to good deeds that help our city to become cleaner and more beautiful.

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