New Year's decor of Nesvizh castle

More than 20 New Year trees decorate the Nesvizh Palace of the Radziwills every year. This year, the chateau rooms were supplemented by another original New Year tree - with balls decorated with Irish lace. Museum workers thoroughly study the history of life and everyday life, as well as the habits of representatives of the magnate family. How the Radziwills' New Year traditions are preserved - report by Larisa Gulyakevich.


Each Christmas tree in the Radziwill Palace has a special outfit. In the women's room - exquisite white. The chapel features exclusively Christmas attributes. The hunting hall is decorated not only with hunting trophies - the pride of the representatives of the Radziwill dynasty. There is a snow-covered fireplace, socks for gifts, garlands and candelabra, though electric.

Новогодний декор Несвижского замка

Now Nesvizh Palace is preparing for the New Year holidays. And in the past centuries the Radziwills organized magnificent balls, carnivals and fireworks at Christmas. The famous Pane Kohancu, for example, in the 18th century generously treated his guests, who could be more than 300, not only with various treats, but also with unusual jokes. One of them could be, in the opinion of the museum workers, an upside-down Christmas tree.

It was such a fir tree on the ceiling that could decorate one of the festive halls of the palace.

The Radziwills were famous for their sense of humor, lavish feasts, and in general, for their style of life on a grand scale. So, it is known for sure that Pane Kokhanku loved to ride a sleigh on salt in the summer and arrange merry holidays with games in winter. 

Новогодний декор Несвижского замка

But Princess Maria de Castellan Radziwill at the end of the 19th century not only decorated the architecture of the palace with picturesque parks with statues and ponds that amaze us today. Her outfits, fashionable at that time, were adorned with exquisite lace, which were valued no less than jewelry values.

Irish lace of modern work appeared in the Radziwills palace a few days ago. The Nesvizh Palace received a collection of Christmas balls decorated with rhinestones and beads as a gift for the New Year holidays.

Participants of the New Year's quest in the Nesvizh Museum-Reserve can count more than 20 festive trees. Soon the main tree will appear in the courtyard in front of the main entrance.

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