Prospects for social partnership were discussed in Vileika

An interregional social meeting with the participation of leaders of public, religious organizations and associations of Vileika, Myadel and Molodechno districts took place in Vileika. The participants discussed the prospects for the development of social partnership to address pressing issues of society in a particular area, as well as shared their experience, the newspaper "Shlyakh Peramogi".


Opening the meeting, Tamara Krasovskaya, Chair of the Committee on Labor, Employment and Social Protection of Minsk Oblast Executive Committee, noted that Belarus has created a legal framework for regulating the interaction of state, public and business institutions in the framework of social partnership.

- This year the state program on social protection and promotion of employment of the population comes to the end. A new project is being developed. Our committee makes many proposals, raises issues of implementation of certain provisions so that the relevant ministry can see what needs to be improved, - said Tamara Krasovskaya and called to discuss how the region is working towards social partnership, what needs to be done to further intensify the process .

She gave examples of projects, the implementation of which became possible due to the joint activities of private, public structures and the state.

- At the end of last year, the project "You are not alone - We are together" was launched. This is a joint initiative of our committee, the health committee of Minsk City Executive Committee and the international public organization "SOS Children's Villages". The project is aimed at comprehensive support and accompaniment of vulnerable women with children in Minsk and the Minsk region, - said Tamara Petrovna.

According to the SOS Children's Villages website, in addition to training sessions and meetings for professionals working with this category of women, the project will develop and publish online educational courses for pregnant women in difficult life situations and their immediate surroundings; professionals working with vulnerable women. As a result of the project, an interactive map of free services will be created for pregnant women in difficult life situations and their immediate environment living in Minsk Oblast.

Another inspiring example is the Step Towards project, which is implemented by the World Without Borders charity on the basis of the Ivenets orphanage for children with disabilities. Its goal is to create a multifunctional service center for children with disabilities on the basis of a boarding school, which would comprehensively deal with the issues of socialization of such children, as well as provide assistance to families raising children with disabilities.

- We must make the most of the opportunities of public associations and continue projective activities in the field of rehabilitation of children with disabilities, self-employment of people with disabilities, assistance to families with disabilities, - summed up Tamara Krasovskaya.

Lyudmila Sleptsova, Director of the VTSTSON, spoke about Vileyka's experience of interaction with public and religious organizations. She singled out five areas in which the people of Vileyka work: holding information meetings; work of interest clubs and self-help groups; joint charitable actions, strengthening of material and technical base of the center; development of social projects. For example, charitable organizations in Ireland and Scotland, which have been cooperating with VTSTSON for about 10 years, have invested more than 150,000 euros in the development of the material base of the social service.

Speaking about the organizational aspects that would contribute to the expansion of cooperation, the director drew attention to the need to develop algorithms of interaction that would be clear to new leaders in the event of a change of leader in the public organization. Lyudmila Sleptsova considers the need to learn how to search for material resources and write bids for funds for the project to be important.

Tatiana Titulenko, head of the Vileyka public association for the promotion of sustainable development "Zovik", also agrees with her. She also noted that there is a need to make round tables with members of the public traditional.

- This is necessary so that if you intend to participate in any competition with your idea, we could find structures that support our interest. Based on the experience of Zovik, I can say that financial donors welcome when the applicants for the project are not one, but several organizations interested in implementing this initiative. And, of course, training activities for writing projective applications is very important. Of course, each competition program has its own characteristics in filling out application forms, but the general presentation of writing algorithms will be a great help for enterprising people from different fields.

Leaders of public associations acquainted the participants with the social and charitable activities that they implement. Victor Kukharenok, pastor of the religious community of Christians of the evangelical faith "Church of Grace", symbolically noted that the "aftertaste" that remains with families, people with whom public organizations work is very important.

- We live in a society, but are often active only in our family. And we need people to be proactive in the social life of society. Our church is now implementing the concept of a "church without walls", which is aimed at guiding people to help those in need in various categories.

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