Showing the will to win, Dynamo-Molodechno defeated Brest in the Extraliga match
Showing the will to win, Dynamo-Molodechno defeated Brest in the Extraliga match

Until recently, Brest seemed to be hopelessly behind Dynamo-Molodechno in the standings of the national ice hockey championship. But, having won two matches in a row, the “Westerners” were only two points away from the “bison”, who suffered four defeats in five rounds. And who, tell me, is considered the favorite in this confrontation?


In any case, in the 3rd minute it was thought that it was certainly not the owners of the ice. The guests opened an account: their combination turned out to be a good one, but let's face it, Dynamo also made mistakes. Well, Kachan went down in the history of the match, becoming the author of the first puck in it. But life has taught me not to jump to conclusions. The Molodechno residents arranged such a merry-go-round at the Brest gate that their rivals did not even have time to come to their senses, as they received three goals. At the beginning, in the 7th minute, Grin used the majority. And then Pyshkailo and Anoshko within 50 (!) Seconds brought their team's advantage to three times. Still a favorite?

The hosts continued to confirm this status after the rest, having scored for the fourth time in the 30th minute. Not without the help of Slysh, who gave the transmission to Karakulko. And then they switched roles. The fate of the match, in fact, was decided. But the young people in the third period did not slow down and brought the matter to defeat. Three of the eight goals were on the account of Green.


DYNAMO-MOLODECHNO- BREST - 8: 1 (3: 1, 2: 0, 3: 0)

MOLODECHNO. September 22nd. Ice Palace.

DYNAMO MOLODECHNO: Karnaukhov (Kapsky); Kleshchik - Surkov, Pyshkailo - Krylovich - Kopytin; Sedov - Bozhko, Karakulko - Ignatenko - Slysh; Kosinsky - Zozon, Anoshko - Mokharev - Grin; Letov - Mikhalyuk - Apanasyuk.

PUCKS: 0: 1 - 2:13 Kachan (Petruchik, Voloshin). 1: 1 - 6:22 Grin (Kopytin, GB). 2: 1 - 16:06 Pyshkailo (Krylovich, Kopytin). 3: 1 - 16:57 Anoshko (Klechik). 4: 1 - 29:59 Karakulko (Listen). 5: 1 - 38:38 Slysh (Ignatenko, Karakulko, GB). 6: 1 - 42:38 Pyshkailo (Kopytin, Zozon). 7: 1 - 54:18 Grin (Karakulko, Ignatenko). 8: 1 - 58:07 Grin (Karakulko, Kosinsky).

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