Students of Minsk Oblast received passports from the hands of the Head of State

On March 10, a solemn ceremony of presenting the first passports to young Belarusians who were 14 years old was held at the Palace of Independence.


Among the lucky holders of their main document are 25 children of the country, who, by their diligence, zeal and achievements, have earned the right to obtain a passport from the hands of the President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.

The first document from the hands of the Head of State and parting words - to believe in yourself and never give up - were received by 4 students of the Minsk region. One of them (pictured) is Evgeny Anisovich from the Rakovsky secondary school of Volozhin region.

The passport delivery ceremony, held on the eve of the Constitution Day of the Republic of Belarus, left the participants with unforgettable impressions, and most importantly - a deep awareness of the citizen’s mission to serve the Fatherland.

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