The experimental base "Svisloch" created a prototype of a microwave drying set

The line for the production of granular organomineral fertilizers, created by specialists of the Institute of Nature Management of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus on the experimental base "Svisloch" of the Pukhovichi region, was supplemented by a prototype of a microwave drying installation. Why there was a need for it, explained the radiophysicist, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences Viktor Karpovich, who is directly involved in the implementation of microwave technologies in production at the enterprise, the newspaper Pukhavitskiya Naviny writes.


Drying is one of the links in the technological chain of production of granular organic fertilizers. In the process of setting up production, it was noticed that during heat treatment, the granules are heated and dry on the outer surface, but inside they retain the percentage of moisture more than necessary. The equipment included in the line could not produce a product of the required moisture content. Therefore, it was decided to apply the developments of Belarusian scientists in the field of microwave technologies.

As Viktor Arkadievich explained, microwave heating has a number of advantages over traditional methods. First, microwave fields penetrate to a considerable depth of the substance and heat it from the inside. The calculation was that this would allow the granules to dry to the desired moisture content. Secondly, microwave treatment has a sterilizing effect: in the process, pathogenic microflora in peat dies, thereby increasing the shelf life of fertilizers.

As a result, a finishing complex was added to the existing production line, where granules are brought to the required condition under the influence of microwave radiation. Victor Arkadievich worked on its creation. Alexander Berkovich, chief engineer of the Svisloch experimental base, rendered great assistance to him.

- The drying plant is compact, assembled according to a modular principle, - said Viktor Arkadyevich. - The operating mode can be set depending on the moisture content of the granules that enter it.

Viktor Arkadievich emphasized that such a drying complex can have very different applications. For example, it can be used for wood drying, grain processing. There was a similar experience in the republic. It was supplemented by the developments of the Svisloch experimental base of the Institute of Nature Management of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus in the field of using microwave technologies in the production of organic-mineral granular fertilizers.

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