The Minister of Culture presented balls to the pupils of Vileika boarding school, the regional executive committee - sweets

The visit of the Minister of Culture of Belarus Anatoly Markevich took place to Vileika specialized secondary school for children with severe speech impairments on December 22 as part of the annual charitable action "Our Children" The department donated basketball and soccer balls to the pupils. Among the guests were the chairman of the Vileika regional executive committee Oleg Begunets and the chairman of the regional organization "Belaya Rus" Sergei Pavlovsky. A gift from the regional executive committee - sweet treats.

Cooperation between the Ministry of Culture and the boarding school has lasted for over a quarter of a century. Over the years, the department has helped the institution with a material base: new televisions, musical equipment and computers have appeared in the boarding school. Also, with the support of the Ministry, the students went on educational excursions to the famous sights of the country.

The director of the institution, Vladimir Borisov, noted that the outgoing year 2020 was bright, dynamic and eventful and thanked the teachers and children for the work, which, he believes, has brought certain results.

- We are proud of the achievements of our students in education, in sports, and in creativity. And let the coming 2021 allow us to realize our plans, let all your dreams come true, - said the director of the boarding school.

- I catch myself thinking how quickly time flies, and we are already on the threshold of the most wonderful and magical holiday that leaves behind all hardships and difficulties, and let us have good health and prosperity ahead of us, and, of course, good mood, - the new one wished Minister of Culture Anatoly Markevich.

He noted that for each year 2020 has developed differently, "but most importantly, we managed to preserve and defend our country."

“Guys,” the minister addressed the children, “you are an integral part of our youth, and youth are the future. A little more time will pass, and you will have to solve difficult problems, raise Belarus to new heights. The state is doing everything to ensure that every child has a happy childhood. Conditions are created for self-realization, the disclosure of creativity and conditions for a calm and peaceful life. They say that on New Year's Eve everything always comes true. I would like to sincerely wish your dreams in 2021 to come true,” the minister said.

The head of the region, Oleg Begunets, joined in the congratulations.

- On New Year's Eve, everyone is waiting for a miracle, and I wish you all to come true.

By tradition, the culmination of the holiday was a theatrical performance with the participation of the main New Year's characters.

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