The Minister of Sports and Tourism handed over balls, table tennis and other gifts to Mayak Secondary School, Slutsk region

Minister of Sports and Tourism of Belarus Sergei Kovalchuk visited Mayak secondary school on February 22, reports.


The ministry has given the school balls, two sets of table tennis, exercise equipment for the press and other sports equipment. Sergey Kovalchuk emphasized that Mayak secondary school (director Aleksey Naumov) was not chosen for the promotion by chance. For a number of years she has been among the leaders of the district in terms of sports achievements, the school students achieve high results in regional and republican competitions.

The Minister stressed that Slutsk is famous for her sports traditions, she gave a start to such Belarusian sports stars as athlete Anastasia Mironchik-Ivanova and others.

The event was attended by the head of the personnel policy department of the Ministry of Sports and Tourism Vyacheslav Shiparev, the head of the main department of sports and tourism of the Minsk regional executive committee Yevgeny Buloychik, the head of the education department of the Slutsk regional executive committee Andrei Nedelko, the head of the sports and tourism department of the regional executive committee Alexander Vezhnavets.

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