Together we are wisdom and responsibility
Together we are wisdom and responsibility

Tomorrow residents of Minsk region together with the whole country will celebrate a new holiday for the first time - National Unity Day. It is rooted in the events of September 17, 1939. After all, it was then that our country acquired its modern shape. This holiday puts in place of those who like to distort. or even forget history altogether.


Life itself has demonstrated that national unity is not a beautiful slogan of publicists, but in fact the foundation of the development of our country and its society.

Pride in the achievement of the past and present, the memory of the tragic and heroic pages of our history, admiration for the exploits and heroism of compatriots - this is patriotism. This is an example of the very struggle for the preservation of our national values, which we cherish today.

The Council of Minsk regional organization congratulates all residents of the Minsk region on the upcoming holiday. We wish you all good health and happiness. peace and prosperity.

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