Vegetable Institute near Minsk creates new varieties of vegetables

These days vegetables are planted in the fields of the Central region: cabbage, carrots, onions. Most of them are varieties of Belarusian selection. They are being worked on at the Institute of Vegetable Production near Minsk. Plants exotic for our country are also grown there, Belarus 1 reports.


These are melons, watermelons, eggplant, tomatoes. At the experimental sites near Minsk, more than a hundred different types of vegetables are grown annually, primarily in order to develop agricultural production technologies. These recommendations help farmers get high yields.

Specialists are studying how plants, which are not typical for our climate, behave, new varieties of vegetables that are brought out here in neighboring laboratories. By the way, it sometimes takes more than 10 years to create each.

As noted by the director of the Institute for Gardening of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Andrei Tchaikovsky, employees are constantly monitoring changing conditions in order to improve technology. New varieties are also constantly appearing, for example, leek this year. It is planned that in two years it will be launched in industrial production.

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