Where and how do schoolchildren in Kletsk region earn their first money

The so-called third working semester continues in the Kletsk region. Now on the basis of OJSC "Kukhchitsy" the agricultural group "Yunost" is working. For many children, work in a squadron is an opportunity to earn their first money, according to MLYN.BY.


The agricultural squad "Yunost" is formed of 16 people. Not only students work here, but also pupils of the school in Kuhchitsy. Some of the guys are preparing the warehouse for receiving grain, some are working on the farm: preparing a site for the accommodation of animals.

Olga Rudko, the first secretary of Kletsk regional committee of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union, said that some of the guys got into the agricultural brigade not for the first time.

- Someone tried to work in the summer already last year. For those who not only gained experience in such a squad, but also proved themselves well, this year it was easier to get into the squad. The guys who were proven in the case were taken first of all, - said Olga Rudko.

The interlocutor emphasized that the first agricultural teams began work in the Kletsk region in June at the bases of various agricultural enterprises. The term of work was 10 days. As a rule, the guys are given those tasks that they can do. This includes species weeding of grain crops, cleaning of grain flow areas after loading trucks, and putting things in order in hangars, and even adding wood chips under blueberry bushes and between them.

For teenagers, the student team becomes not only a place for new acquaintances, but also an opportunity to earn their first money.

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