Winter season begins in ski centers of Minsk region

Frost and sun in a sports day! The winter season starts in the ski centers of Minsk region. Traditionally, the slopes in Logoisk ski complex are the first to snow: there is already a training and one of the main slopes. Sports equipment rental is at the disposal of all active leisure lovers.


This season, interest in the frosty drive on the slopes is increased not only among Belarusians. Many have missed the real winter. Despite the epidemic difficulties, people from neighboring countries are also striving to come to us.

Leonid Kravchuk, head of the department of the Logoisk ski sports and recreation complex: “Requests come from Russia, Ukraine. We answer all questions and cooperate with our customs committee to understand who can cross the border and what conditions are needed for this. we are also a health complex. Do not forget this. Therefore, we offer an active type of recreation, sauna rest, quests. We have our own equestrian club, and we can offer horse rides as well."

By the way, experienced instructors in both skiing and snowboarding are engaged with beginners. Some of them are international masters of sports.

Maria Tikhvinskaya, ski instructor, master of sports of Russia of international class: "The snow is very dense, good, not watery. Ideal for training. We do our best for our friends to come to ski and snowboard. We conduct training in a playful way, so that our children really like it."

Note that preparing for the season these days and in the republican ski center "Silichi". On Friday, December 11, two tracks will open here at once.

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