A woodworking shop of Pukhovichi forestry enterprise increased export volumes

In last March, a woodworking workshop of the Pukhovichi forestry enterprise was created in Maryina Gorka, where at first one sawing line operated, mounted on the basis of machines that were transported from the Shatsk woodworking site. By the end of the year, this equipment produced more than 3.5 thousand cubic meters of sawn timber, writes the newspaper "Pukhavitsky Naviny".


This year the volume of woodworking in the workshop has increased. For 8 months, they amounted to 8399 cubic meters. Such a significant increase is provided by the second sawmill line installed last fall and launched in January this year, consisting of five new Walter machines.

The products manufactured on these technological lines (edged softwood lumber) are of high quality. It is sent mainly for export.

Due to the modernization of the workshop, the proceeds from the export of products increased significantly. For 8 months of this year, it amounted to nearly 1 million 100 thousand dollars.

Woodworking is carried out with virtually no waste. Fuel chips are also exported, which were sold for $ 62.8 thousand in 8 months. More than 83 thousand dollars were received from the sale of low-grade timber. Sawdust is also in demand, the sale of which this year has brought the forestry enterprise more than 27 thousand dollars.

The products of the woodworking shop are currently supplied mainly to Germany, Lithuania, the Netherlands.

- The situation with the spread of the coronavirus in the world, due to which the production of products of many enterprises abroad has decreased, practically did not affect the work of our workshop, - says Andrey Sakovich, head of the woodworking workshop. - Foreign partners to whom we send our products strictly fulfill their contractual obligations. And we, in turn, strictly adhere to the delivery schedule.

The possibilities of the woodworking workshop are planned to be expanded further, but the enterprise does not forget about providing workers with good working conditions. In the summer, the renovation of the administrative building was completed, which has utility rooms, showers, and a room for eating. A shed was built for storing export products, the main part of the workshop territory was asphalted.

Today, about 50 people work in the woodworking shop of the Pukhovichi forestry enterprise. The work is organized in two shifts of 12 hours. The machines are only stopped for a short time for maintenance. Everyone understands the importance of making the most of them.

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