Young traffic inspectors visited the Museum of the State Automobile Inspection of Minsk Region

On the eve of the Day of Belarusian Police, the guys from the detachment of young traffic inspectors of the State Educational Institution "Zhdanovichi Secondary School" of the Minsk region visited the museum of the traffic police of the Minsk region with an excursion. The meeting with schoolchildren from this institution was not chosen by chance. Last year they won a prize in the regional stage of Young Traffic Inspectors.


An interesting and entertaining excursion for the traffic police assistants was conducted by the head of the department for agitation and propaganda of the traffic police of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee Andrei Gladky. The guys got acquainted with the whole historical era of the traffic police activity. We held in our hands various measuring instruments used by employees in their daily work many years ago. Particular attention was drawn to the technical means of organizing traffic - an old traffic light made of metal. Then the guys went out into the street, where they tried themselves as a traffic police inspector, sitting in a modern car of the State Traffic Inspectorate.


The residents of Yuidov were pleased with the excursion, having received a lot of useful information. At the end of the event, the schoolchildren expressed their gratitude to the state traffic inspectors and congratulated the employees on the Police Day in poetic form, noting that in the future they want to connect their lives with the service in the State Traffic Inspectorate.


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