Regional News

In Borisov, they expect to open a children's multi-profile building, a blood transfusion station and a surgical building with 300 beds, in Soligorsk - a receiving department with an extension for placing an MRI apparatus, and in Zhodino - a children's clinic

Belarus First Vice Prime Minister Alexander Turchin held a working meeting with Stadler Rail Group CEO Peter Spuhler

Taking part in the festival will be famous athletes who showed great results during their sports careers

BATE head coach Aleksei Baga named 22-man squad

The prosecutor's office of the region held a meeting of the prosecutor of Minsk Oblast with representatives of the republican and regional mass media, in which the first deputy prosecutor of the region Boris Petrovsky, deputy prosecutors of the region Sergey Shikunets and Alexander Belitsky also took part

Over 20 journalists representing 14 London mass media outlets will attend the game in Borisov

By the beginning of 2019, there were 4,472 craftsmen

Joint project of the local history museum and Vileika district organization “Belarusian Union of War Veterans in Afghanistan”

BATE Football Club organizes free train Borisov - Minsk

On February 14, it will take fans to the capital after the match 1/16 finals of the Europa League with London “Arsenal”

Alexander Yaroshenko, head of the park administration, underlined the importance of the document