Private Unitary Enterprise «Minskkoopvtorresursy» 

220089, Minsk, Glagolev str., 39 

Phone: +375172084706, 83913 

Fax: +375172083805 

CEO: Ludmila Tsumft  

Type of activity: Harvesting of secondary raw materials. 

Export: Cardboard and paper from all manufacturers of Belarus.

Import: Stationery, wire.

JV «Gatovo-Tennery» JSC 

223017, Minsk Oblast, Minsk Region, s. Gatovo 

Phone: +375172100271 

Fax: +375172100292 

CEO: Andrian Klyavzunik 

Type of activity: Production of natural leather. 

Export: Seim-finished tanned product "Wet Blue", chrome leather, leather of Spilka. 

Import: Leather raw materials, chemical materials.

JV «Bel-Skin» 

223017, Minsk Oblast, Minsk Region, s. Gatovo. 

Phone: + 375175033335, 5033336, 5033047 

Fax: + 375175033424 

Director: Kirill Nedelkin 

Type: Manufacture of semi-finished product "Wet Blue"and natural leather from cattle hides. 

Export: Semi-finished product "Wet Blue”, chrome leather from cattle hides

Import: raw hides (cattle), hide equipment, chemical materials. 

Cooperation: We consider options for work on a give-and-take basis.

Agrocomplex «Belaya Rus», Branch of JSC «Slutsk Flour Mill»

223414, Minsk Oblast, v. Hotlyany 

Phone: +375171838448 

Fax: +375171838448 

Director: Leonid Shumelchik  

Type of activity: Breeding of pigs. Production of meat products from pork. 

Export: Stewed pork. Frozen Pork. 

Import: Feed wheat, feed barley, feed corn, sunflower meal, soybean meal, fish meal.

Limited Liability Company «Engineering and Production Association «Ekrum»

222524, Minsk Oblast, Borisov, Normandiya-Neman str., 167 

Phone: +375177720682 

Fax: +375177720682 

e-mail: ekrum@mail.ru 

Director: Gennadiy Skorchenko 

Type of activity: Manufacture of automatic cordless electric kettles.

Production Agricultural Communal Unitary Enterprise «Ivenetskaya Krinitsa» 

222370, Minsk Oblast, s. Ivenets, September, 17 str., 72 

Phone: +375177253860, 51200 

General Director: Vladimir Khrapko 

Type of activity: Manufacture of road signs, racks, trusses, brackets for them, metal barrier fencing, signal posts, lumber and millwork. Repair of autoroads, construction and installation work. Livestock and crop production. 

Export: Road signs, racks, trusses, brackets for road signs, metal barrier fence in the kit, signal posts, road pavilions, metal tile, timber, joinery, decorative grilles. Transport services. 

Import: Reflective tape, paint for screen printing, powdered polymer paint.

Foreign Private Unitary Production Enterprise «Kashin plastic», «Kashin Limited» 

222750, Minsk Oblast, Dzerzhinsk Oblast, Fanipol, Zavodskaya Str., 25 

Phone: +375172100543, +375171673111 

Fax: +375172120166 

Director: Nicholay Nichiporchik 

Type of activity: Production of stratch-polyethylene film, polypropylene film for lamination, polypropylene packaging bags.

Limited Liability Company «Gulfstream» 

222750, Minsk Oblast, Dzerzhinsk, Fominykh str., 9 

Phone: +375172170055 

Fax: +375172170056 


Director: Dmitry Makarevich 

Type of activity: Manufacture of refrigeration display cases and cabinets, calculation counters.

Limited Liability Company «Taspo-F» 

222750, Minsk Oblast, Fanipol, Zavodskaya Str., 4 

Phone: +375171671112 

Fax: +375171671112 

General Director: Igor Dyakov 

Type of activity: Production of coolers for electrical appliances, radiator for heating systems of vehicles, cooling systems and engine lubrication. Manufacturing of intercoolers for vehicles. 

Export: Radiators for different vehicles. Transport services. 

Import: Adhesive sealants. Aluminum multi-channel profile and aluminum sheet.

Minsk Oblast Unitary Enterprise «Dorvektor-Mash» 

222310, Minsk Oblast, Molodechno, Y. Kolas str., 53 

Phone: +375176735124, +375172135150 

Fax: +375176735123 

Director: Yuri Karpovich  

Type of activity: Development and production of means for construction, repair and maintenance of roads. 

Import: Compressors, hydraulic motors, hydrodistributors, hydraulic pumps, metal.

Joint Venture «Barry-Trade» Limited Liability Company

222910, Minsk Oblast, Starye Dorogi, Kirov str., 151 

Phone: +375179254675 

Fax: +375179254675  

Director: Alexandr Brek 

Type of business: Manufacture and wholesale trade of fresh and frozen blueberries, apple puree. Wholesale trade of fresh chanterelles. Wholesale trade of wood (spruce). Services for freezing and storage. Transport services.


4a Shkolnaya str., Atolino 223011 Minsk oblast

phone: +37517-509-27-35

fax: +37517-509-23-53

Director: Andrey Karpilovich

Type of activity: production of synthetic diamond STM «Almazot».

LLC «Vego»

Veragi, Logoysk region 223110 Minsk oblast

phone/fax: +3751774-5-03-27, 5-03-28

e-mail: sto_vego@mail.ru

Type of activity: provision, storage of wild production (mushrooms, berries).

Export: frozen blueberries, fresh mushrooms.

LTD «PKK Istok»

27a Honinovstr., Berezino 223311 Minsk oblast

phone: +3751715-5-51-95

fax: +3751715-5-46-52

e-mail: istok_berezino@mail.ru

Director: Evgeny Pavluchenko

Type of activity: provision of wild production (mushrooms, berries).

Export: provision of wild production (mushrooms, berries).

LTD «Ruptur-Pro»

2 2 1st Suhogryadsky proezd, Zhodino 222160 Minsk oblast

phone: +37517-202-14-37

fax: +37517-284-29-87

e-mail: zodino@ruptur.com


Director: Valery Shved

Type of activty: production of billiards.

FPE «Setton»

129 Oktyabrskaya str., Maryina Gorka 222811 Minsk oblast

phone/fax: +3751713-5-08-62

e-mail: settonbaza@yandex.ru

Director: Viktor Grib

Type of activity: provision of wild production (mushrooms, berries), wholesale trade, transportation services.

Export: fresh and salted mushrooms, frozen berries.

Import: ready-made canned soups.

Cooperation: search for business partners in the European Union.


201 30a Stroiteley str., Soligorsk 223710 Minsk oblast

phone/fax: +375174-22-49-31

e-mail: info@energy.by

Director: Konstantin Ufimtsev

Type of activity: services in customs clearance and other customs issues.

Collaboration: providing waterhouses of temporary storage.

Municipal Unitary Information Enterprise «Minsk Regional Centre for Information on Prices» 

220092, Minsk, Av. Pushkin, 39, offices 1209, 1211 

Phone.: +375172577348 

Fax: +375172570923 

Director: Nikolay Borisov  

Type of activity: Consulting and information services on pricing, economic grounds and registration of prices. 

Information about the level of tariffs for housing and communal services, fixed food prices, limit prices and levels of profitability for products and services provided.