Agriculture-Industry Complex
Agriculture-Industry Complex

The oblast specializes in production of milk, meat, grain, potatoes, sugar beets, vegetables, and annually produces more than a quarter of gross agricultural output of the republic.

Agricultural lands occupy 1.598.400 ha, including arable lands – 1.077.100 ha, grasslands - 510.800 ha, gardens – 10.400 ha. Agricultural entities of the oblast have about 21% of agricultural area of the country. One agriculture entity has 3.649 ha of agricultural land, including arable – 2.448 ha. Plow land is 67%. Score fertility of agricultural land - 30,4, arable land - 32,9, forage land - 26,3.

Agricultural production is concentrated in 443 agricultural structures, in 454 peasant (farmer) households and 279.275 private farms.

Slutsk region. Harvesting

The share of crop production in the volume of gross agricultural output is 39,1%, livestock - 60,9%.

Technical service, supply of plant protection products and fertilizers, fuel and other material resources for agricultural entities is carried out by 22 district agro services, 4 mobile mechanized columns, 22 district agro prom energo entperprises, JSC «Minskoblagroservis» and JSC «Agropromenergo», unitary enterprises «Minskoblagrohimizatsiya» and «Minskoe plempredpriyatie», General Directorate «Minsk Regional State Inspection for seed production, quarantine and plant protection».

Crop Production

The structure of sown areas in agricultural entities (the registered sector) in 2006 actually amounted to: grains and legumes - 53,4%, potatoes - 1,2%, sugar beet - 3,1%, rapeseed - 2,8%; open field vegetables - 0,7%; flax - 1,2%, forage crops - 37,6%.

In the recent years, it has been viewed a positive trend of growth in the gross collection of major crops thanks to yield increase

Winter greenhouses in Minsk Region Unitary Enterprise «Agrocombine «Zhdanovichi», Minsk region

Decent examples of effective management of agricultural entities have been shown by agricultural entities: APC «Agrocombine «Snov», Nesvizh region; JSC «Gastellovskoe», Minsk region, APC «Agrofirma «Luchniki», Slutsky area; RUAPE «Breeding Plant «Krasnaya Zvezda» and APC «Gritskevichi», Kletsk district.

The oblast approved the Horticulture Development Program for 2004-2010, which envisages laying of 2.599 ha of fruits and berry crops, including fruits crops – 2.103 ha, berry crops - 395 ha, garden strawberry - 101 ha and non-traditional fruit crops - 49 ha.

In accordance with this program 40 specialized agricultural entities were identified, which will ensure the supply of fruits and berries on an industrial basis.

Livestock Breeding

In 15 districts there are 20 complexes for cattle breeding and fattening. Design capacity of the complexes is 65 thousand livetsock points. The best indicators in production of beef have been reached by RUAE «Sovhoz «Sluck», Slutsk region, with the average daily growth was 1.019 g., APC «Gorodeya» and JSC «1 Maya», Nesvizh region, respectively - 960 and 872 g., JSC «Staritsa-Agro», Kopyl region - 883 g.

The livestock of pigs at 22 pork production complexes in the oblast totaled 463.900 heads. Design capacity of pig complexes is 385.500 pig livestock points. During January-April 2007, the complexes produced 20.700 t. of gross weights, the average daily growth was 495 g. of  pork, 18.600 t. in live weight were sold, or 75.6% of the volume of production in the oblast. High results in pork production were reached by APC «Agrocombine «Snov», Nesvizh region - 628 g. of the average daily growth, JSC «Klevitsa» Berezino region - 600 g., APC «Bolshevik - Agro» - 569 g.

One of quick and cost-effective livestock industries is poultry which produces dietary and valuable food. On the territory of the Minsk oblast there are 22 agricultural entities involved in poultry production. The produced (sold) 26.300 t. of poultry, which amounts to 109,8% by 2006 and 36,9% of the volume of the republic.