Minsk Oblast industry is represented by more than 4 thousand companies, of which 350 largest. The industrial complex produces 18% of the national industrial output.

The most important activities for the oblast are chemical industry (share in oblast volume of production is more than 32%), food production (over 27%), machinery and equipment (7%), metallurgical production (6%), manufacture of vehicles and equipment (4%).

In the structure of the national industrial production, the oblast produces 100% of potash fertilizers, 100% roof tiles, nearly 100% cars, about 97% of dump trucks, more than 76% of vinegar, over 73% of pasta, more than 64% of panel wooden parquet, more than 56% of sugar, more than 53% fibreboard, more than 51% of mineral water, more than 48% of soft drinks, more than 46% of chrome tanned leather goods, more than 42% of knitwear and more.

On the oblast territory, 8 companies are engaged in the extraction of minerals, including 6 peat companies, which completely cover the needs of the oblast in this sort of fuel.

The leading place in the oblast belongs to chemical production. One of the world's largest producer of potash is JSC "Belaruskali".

Today Belaruskali is a stable working, high-tech enterprise, which supplies 85% of its production for export. Produced potash is sold in more than 70 countries around the world. The enterprise covers one seventh of the world's potash production.

The main products of the company are potash fertilizers – small potassium chloride, granulated potassium chloride and nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium fertilizers. In addition, the company produces technical salt and various types of sodium chloride. The main purpose of the development of JSC "Belaruskali" is to increase the production capacity of potash fertilizers and release competitive in quality and range of products.

In this sub-section are also included companies of the pharmaceutical industry, which share is about 3%: JSC "Borisov Plant of Medical Preparations", JSC "Nesvizh Plant of Medical Preparations", JV "Pharmland", JV "Lekpharm", LLC "Belekotehnika".

JSC JSC "Borisov Plant of Medical Preparations" completed the implementation of "Production of sterile powder antibiotics" investment project. There was built a new plant for sterile powder antibiotics in accordance with the requirements of GMP, capacity 50 mln. bottles per year. It is expected that the export will be sent 55% of its production.

JV LLC "Pharmland" implemented an investment project for the construction of a plant to produce drugs from human plasma. The investment project and the plant does not have analogues in the CIS countries. Thus, the domestic production of drugs from the blood plasma of Belarus will meet the needs of the health system of the Republic of Belarus by 100%, as well as will allow to export significant volumes of products to the Russian Federation, and in the future with the development of production - in other countries.

JSC "Nesvizh Plant of Medical Preparations", in the framework of the plan of technical and assortment modernization, plans to develop hemo preservatives production in polymeric containers, as well as to create the production of drugs in glass bottles in accordance with the requirements of GMP.

JV "Lekpharm" produces drugs in solid forms (tablets and capsules) and powders for oral ingestion. Currently, the company produces 47 kinds of drugs according to International Nonproprietary Name (INN) excluding dosing.

The second most important field for economic activity is the production of food, beverages and tobacco.

Oblast companies specialize in production of sugar, bakery and pasta, meat, milk, vegetables and fruits. Among them JSC «Slutsk Sugar Refinery", JSC "Gorodeya Sugar Plant", JSC "Konfa", JV "Morozprodukt", JSC "Mashpischeprod" and others.

LLC "Onega Plus" finishes in the first six months of 2016 the construction of a plant to produce potato chips from raw potato and plans to export the most of the production line.

In Volozhin district there created agricultural enterprise JV "Danprod" to produce bacon pork with capacity of 11 thousand tons of meat in live weight per year.

JSC "Gamma vkusa" started to issue a new type of product, which is unique to date in the Republic of Belarus: cocktails -, fruit-dairy and vegetable-dairy foods products for infant feeding. In addition, the company has created a release of meat and vegetable-meat canned rabbit.

JSC «Gorodeya Sugar Plant» – one of the largest enterprises of the oblast`s food industry

Dairy and meat industry of Minsk Oblast is one of the most important sectors of the economy, providing population with basic foodstuffs. From its condition and operation influences largely on the social and economic situation of the region.

Municipal unitary enterprise "Minoblmyasomolprom" - the management company "Myasomolprom" holding includes 9 milk (JSC "Zdravushka-Milk", JSC "Slutsk cheese-making plant", JSC "Molodechno Dairy Plant", JSC "Minsk dairy factory № 1" and subsidiaries ) and 3 meat processing plants (JSC "Borisov Meat Processing Plant", JSC "Slutsk MeatProcessing Plant", JSC "Minsk Meat Packing Plant").

The total production capacity of milk processing enterprises is more than 1400 thousand tons of milk per year. It produces more than 270 kinds of dairy products, including 30 kinds of hard cheeses, butter peasant, skimmed milk powder, casein, ice cream, condensed milk, cottage cheese and other whole milk products.

Naroch branch of JSC "Molodechno Dairy Plant" established a new line to produce blue cheese "Roquefort" and the pasteurization of milk in Pure-Pak with a long shelf life.

The range of products produced by meat processing enterprises of the region, has more than 400 items. It includes pork and beef carcasses and cuts, offal, meat products - lumpy, meat-, portioned, minced meat, meatballs, ravioli and dumplings, as well as canned meat and cereal, sausages and smoked meats of all kinds.

Goods of JSC «Slutsk Cheese Plant» is well-known not only on the territory of Minsk Oblast

In Minsk Oblast, the production of alcoholic beverages is carried out by 15 economic entities, of which 10 companies are enterprises industrial sector (JV "Malinovschizna distillery "Akvadiv", JV "Winery "Dionis", LTD "Winery "Five Continents", UE "Ilovskoe" etc.)

Modern high-tech enterprise JV "Darida" has become an industry leader in the production of non-carbonated drinking water in bottles, the amount of which is 5 liters. In 2007 "Darida" began production of non-carbonated soft drinks, mastered the production of products in a unique shaped container, volume of 0.25 liters. The production cycle at the plant is closed: all stages of production (production of preforms for PET bottles and plastic caps, filling, capping, labeling, etc.) are implemented in-house, which allows for constant control over the quality of raw materials, products, and compliance with the strictest sanitary standards . Currently, the range of the enterprise consists of more than 50 different items. Products under the brand name "Darida" is widely known and successfully sold both on the domestic market and abroad: in the Russian Federation, the European Union countries.

FE "Coca-Cola Beverages Belarus" produces and sells a number of non-alcoholic carbonated beverages, including four of the most popular worldwide brand: Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Light, Fanta and Sprite on the basis of a license agreement with Coca-Cola Company. Non-alcoholic beverages was first implemented in Belarus project attracting foreign investment on such a scale.

Canning industry in Minsk Oblast represented 8 processors and a trade and procurement organizations engaged in storage and sale of potatoes, fruits and vegetables.

The range of products include canned vegetables and fruit, juice - about 300 items. All food products processing enterprises passed state hygienic registration with the issuance of certificates of the established sample. Mandatory certification for compliance with the qualitative requirements of technical regulations and standards subject to canning, alcoholic and soft drinks. In order to improve security and promote the foreign market held vinegar certification.

Canning products are produced from environmentally friendly raw materials, which is strictly controlled by the content of radionuclides, pesticides and toxic substances. It is not allowed to add artificial colors, synthetic substances and genetically modified additives are used.

Production of vehicles, machinery and equipment. The development of machine-building complex in the coming five years will be focused on improving the quality of manufactured machinery, equipment and vehicles, the development of new types of export-oriented products.

An assembly shop of RUE PA «BelAZ»

JSC "BelAZ" - management company "BelAZ-Holding". For all the time, the company has developed more than 600 modifications of dump trucks, produced more than 130 thousand. Dump truck units that shipped in more than 70 countries. Belarusian Automobile Plant has released the world's first dump truck carrying capacity of 450 tons.

Innovation activity of JSC "Borisov Units Plant" aimed at creating competitive products demanded by the market, taking into account the specialization of enterprises. These are products for diesel engines for tractor and combine machinery, equipped with engines not lower levels of Euro-4/5 and above, and Stage-3/4 and more.

JSC "BATE" - managing company "Automotive components" holding in 2015-2017, respectively, based on the created product designs plans to continue work on the design and development of production of a uniform number of starters and generators to improve their applicability range.

CJSC "BELGEE" in cooperation with the Chinese corporation "GEELY" implementing an investment project "Organization of production for the assembly of passenger cars in 2012-2030 years." The plans of building a new plant to July 1, 2019 with a design capacity of 120 ths. Cars a year. and the creation of new jobs (with the designed capacity is the number of employees will be about 1.9 thousand people.).

Currently it implemented the first phase of the establishment of assembly production of 10 thousand cars per year, 90% of the joint venture products will be delivered on "Geely Motors Russia" for the realization of the end consumer through its own sales network.

JV CJSC "Unison" plans to produce 18,000 cars, including for consumption in the domestic market of the Republic of Belarus - 3000 cars for export to the Russian Federation - 15 000 cars. In addition to brands of cars produced in 2015 (Peugeot, Citroen, Opel Mokka, Chevrolet Tahoe, Cadillac Escalade) in 2016 is planned to assemble Zotye brand vehicles.

The development of metallurgical production is still developing, primarily as a result of the Company's group of companies "Alutech" LLC "AlyutehInkorporeyted" JV "AluminTechno", LLC "Alutech Door Systems." Being technologically advanced and export-oriented organizations, these organizations are planning to further increase the volume of production, increase exports through the expansion of sales geography, to enter new markets.

RUE "Molodechno Hardware Plant" - the largest in the CIS and Europe, a manufacturer of products for the building industry. The main range of products manufactured by the plant include the construction of one-storey and multi-storey steel structures for industrial and civil buildings and structures, cellular towers and microwave transmission, clean tanks with double shell, road fence, barrier-type, three-layer wall panels, building of various purpose of the mobile block modules and others. The company has mastered the production of sub-systems for ventilated facades.

Starters assembly shop, JSC «Borisov Plant of Auto/Tractor Electroequipment»

JSC "Heavy Forging Plant" provides blank, nodes and details to almost all large enterprises of machine-building complex. Currently the company is the leading manufacturer in the Republic of Belarus of hot stampings and forgings forging weighing up to 200 kg, sheet forgings weighing up to 300 kg.

It is widely known outside the Republic of Belarus production of large enterprises, engaged in textile and clothing manufacture, manufacture of leather and products made of it. This chrome leather, flax, linen and knitwear, garments, shoes felted.

Zhodino JSC The leader is JSC "Svitanak" (Zhodino), specializing in the production of knitwear. Currently available are sweaters, blouses, sweatshirts, T-shirts, suits, multidisciplinary sets, dresses. Linen range of knitwear is more than 70%. Among its regular partners - company Baltic countries and the Republic of Moldova, Saint-Petersburg, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany and many others.

JSC "Kupalinka" - one of the largest enterprises in knitting industry, produces and sells underwear and knitwear for women's, men's, children's and toddlers range.

JSC "Dzerzhinsk Sewing Factory" Eliz "makes men's shirts for boys preschool and school age, blouses, women's suits, dresses, clothing, and other products.

Ltd. "Mark Formel" in Zaslavl created a new production for the production of hosiery products under the brand name 'Mark Formel ". Also company produces knitted products under the brand name 'Mark Formel ". In a society constantly operating enterprises classroom, where wishing for three months may qualify as "seamstress". For production activities, the company has a high-performance sewing equipment, production facilities, engineering infrastructure, highly qualified personnel.

A great contribution to the development of the industry is made of CJSC "Kalinka", JSC "Juno", LLC "Tekstilmarket" RUE "Smilovichskaya felting factory", IOOO "Aladen", JSC "Minsk Industrial Leather Association" JV "Mattioli".