Transport. Communication
Transport. Communication


Republican Unitary Enterprise «Minoblavtotrans» renders freight and passenger transport services to businesses, organizations and the population of Minsk oblast. It includes 20 affiliated unitary enterprises, as well as JSC «Borisovgruzavtotrans».

Its vehicle fleet consists of 758 trucks and 1051 bus.

The trucks fleet annually carries more than 9 million tons of cargo, mainly construction materials. Most of the trucks (94.3%) render services for transportation of goods within the Republic of Belarus.

Iveco Irisbus

RUE «Minoblavtotrans» pays much attention to implementation of export of transport services, as the essential component of our economy. The result of this work is impressive. Whyle dynamically developing, RUE «Minoblavtotrans» is working on exporting its services to the international cargo and passengers transportation market.

The predominant business activity is passenger transportation, 9 bus stations, 14 bus stations and 9 auto cash boxes operate.

The route network of RUE «Minoblavtotrans» (01.02.2009) consists of 173 urban, 552 suburban and 94 long distance routes. About 6 270 runs are carried out daily, more than 350.000 passengers are transported.

The length of the route network of the oblast is 35.800 km, including urban – 2.200 km, suburban – 20.700 km, long distance – 12.900 km.


Minsk branch of RUE «Beltelecom» renders telecommunication services on the territory of Minsk Oblast.

Minsk branch is part of the republican unitary enterprise of telecommunications «Beltelecom», the national operator of the Republic of Belarus for rendering telecommunication services. It has an extensive network of telecommunications in the oblast.

The enterprise includes 21 oblast telecommunication units, a town telecommunication unit in Zhodino, Minsk regional telecommunication department, repair and construction industry. A wide range of modern telecommunication equipment capable to satisfy various customers' demands is at the disposal of the enterprise.

Minsk branch of RUE «Beltelecom» created a powerful modern telecommunication infrastructure on the territory of Minsk oblast. An extensive cable network has been created. Intensive upgrade of telecommunication networks is being implemented: transition from the metal cable to the fiber cable, removement of the analog transmission systems to the digital ones. As a result of line cable structures development, the length of cable lines has increased by more than 25.000 kilometers. Today in Minsk oblast, over 100.000 kilometers of lines are used for rendering of telecommunication services. The length of the fiber-optic communication lines is more than 2. 000 kilometers.

Upgrade of the communications can extend the network, build digital telephone stations. A significant work in reconstruction and development of the line cable communication structures have been done, all air telecommunication lines on the local networks have been eliminated.

At the present time, 811 telephone stations, 391 of them electronic, are used on the networks of «Beltelecom» Minsk branch. Electronic support-transit telephone stations (STTS) have been built in all region centres and villages. Their total capacity is more than 500.000 numbers, 70% of which -  electronic stations based, that allow users to receive additional telecommunication services.

The enterprise is successfully performing the assigned tasks for Internet connection in the oblast villages. At present, any telephone service resident, who has a computer and the necessary equipment, can use it.

«Beltelecom» Minsk branch pays much attention to development of services in places of roadside service in accordance with the Plan of activities to enhance services at the national and local roads, by the Ministry of Communications and Informatization of Belarus.

In order to improve the quality of telecommunication services and increase the users` satisfaction, the enterprise has implemented the quality management system. Minsk branch received a certificate of conformity of the quality management system to provide local and international telephone communication and data transmission services to the international standard STB ISO 9001-2001.