Employment, accessible environment, substitute family. What support is provided to disabled people of Minsk region
Employment, accessible environment, substitute family. What support is provided to disabled people of Minsk region

How people with disabilities are supported in the central region on the eve of the Day of Persons with Disabilities, said Tamara Krasovskaya, Chairperson of the Committee on Labor, Employment and Social Protection of Minsk Regional Executive Committee.

- What social support is provided to people with disabilities by social protection institutions today?

- For high-quality work, close cooperation has been established between subordinate health care institutions with institutions of social protection and education. In the structure of the territorial centers of social services for the population of the region, there are 25 departments providing day care services for the disabled, which are attended by more than 850 people, and 65 are served by specialists at home.

For the development of labor, communication skills and creative abilities of people in the departments there are 57 rehabilitation and labor workshops, 218 circles (clubs). This year, more than 500 cultural events were held, which covered almost 8 thousand people with disabilities.

- What assistance is provided in the employment of unemployed disabled people?

- We are employing unemployed people with disabilities in the current year in accordance with the State Program "Labor Market and Employment Promotion" for 2021-2025.

In Minsk region, 31.6 thousand disabled people of working age live, 17.8 thousand have work recommendations (56.4% of the total number of working age). Of these, 9.7 thousand worked, or 54.4% of the number of those who had recommendations for work.

To implement the right of disabled people to work, the Laws of the Republic of Belarus "On Employment of the Population of the Republic of Belarus" and "On the Prevention of Disability and Rehabilitation of Disabled People" set forth a system of additional measures aimed at ensuring the employment of disabled people. This is the establishment of a reservation for employers for the recruitment of disabled people, training as a matter of priority in the direction of the employment service, adaptation of disabled people to work in order to consolidate (acquire) professional skills and gain experience in a team, provide support for organizing self-employment, entrepreneurship, activities in the field agroecotourism, handicraft activities, as well as providing an opportunity for disabled people to undergo training in the direction of the employment service on the basics of entrepreneurial activity, referral to employment at the created additional jobs in specialized organizations.

- Are there tax benefits for organizations where people with disabilities are employed?

- Yes. In particular, on value added taxes, profits and real estate, land tax. It also provides for the exemption of employers from paying mandatory insurance contributions to the Social Security Fund of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security for pension insurance in terms of payments accrued in favor of working citizens who are disabled of I and II groups.

According to the operative information of the Inspectorate of the Ministry of Taxes and Tax Collection in the Minsk region, 284 organizations took advantage of the benefits, in the staff of which at least 50% of employees are disabled (most of all in the Minsk region - 130, Borisov - 27, Molodechno - 24).

Every year, by decisions of the district executive committees, armor is established, including for the employment of disabled people, 658 jobs were booked for 2021. If necessary, the armor for the employers can be installed additionally during the year.

- What types of benefits are assigned to families in which a disabled child is brought up?

– В со- In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Belarus "On State Benefits to Families Raising Children", those in which a disabled child are brought up are assigned an allowance for caring for a disabled child under the age of 18. The payment is provided for each disabled child under the age of 18, regardless of the receipt of other types of family benefits in the following amounts:

- for caring for a disabled child with I or II degree of loss of health - 100% of the highest living wage budget (in November 2021, the amount of the allowance was 288.01 rubles);

- for caring for a disabled child with a III or IV degree of loss of health, until he reaches the age of 3 years inclusive - 100% of the maximum amount of the subsistence minimum budget, after 3 years - 120% of the maximum amount of the subsistence minimum (in November 2021, the amount of the benefit - 345.61 rubles).

Allowance for children over 3 years old from certain categories of families (Article 14) is assigned to each child over 3 years old in the following amounts:

- for a disabled child under the age of 18 - 70% of the highest living wage budget (the amount of the allowance in November is 201.61 rubles);

- for other children raised in a family - 50% of the budget of the subsistence minimum (the amount of the allowance in November - 144.01 rubles).

For a disabled child under the age of 3 years, the allowance is assigned and paid in the amount of 45% of the average monthly salary (the amount of the allowance in November is 637.38 rubles). 

- In our country, the subprogram "Accessible living environment for people with disabilities and physically weakened persons" of the State Program "Social Protection" for 2021-2025 is being implemented. What work is being done in this regard?

- In the current five-year period, it is necessary to ensure accessibility at the program facilities, taking into account an integrated approach. The legislative framework has changed. In May 2021, the new building codes "Habitat for the physically impaired" came into force, which are mandatory. The subprogram for 2021-2025 includes 454 objects of social and transport infrastructure, 193 objects of the road network.

In total, 62 objects (63.3%) have been landscaped under the subprogram this year. The availability of transport is ensured, 5 low-floor buses were purchased for a total of 636.7 thousand rubles (with the original plan - 0). In total, there are 827 buses in the fleet of the Minsk region (including those purchased in 2021), of which 228 are low-floor, the share of which is 27.6%.   

- What services are most in demand?

- The most popular are social services - home delivery of food, medicine, essential goods, assistance in cleaning an apartment, payment for housing and utilities, delivery of water, fuel and potatoes from the store, as well as nursing services. Currently, more than 6,000 people with disabilities receive home services, and 445 citizens are assigned to caregivers.

- Is there a demand for such a form of life as a substitute family?

- Yes, 45 people used this service, including 6 disabled people of group I. A substitute family is a good alternative to a boarding home. A lonely disabled person lives in a family that takes on the responsibility of supporting him and providing him with the necessary care, food, etc. For the provision of services to such people who have completely lost the ability to self-service, the assistant is paid a remuneration in the amount of 100% of the minimum subsistence budget (for caring for 2 disabled people - 150%). An assistant to a disabled person can be both working citizens and non-working people under the age of 65.

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