Minsk and Sughd regions plan to build joint ventures for processing cotton and canned food
Minsk and Sughd regions plan to build joint ventures for processing cotton and canned food

Minsk region and Sughd region of the Republic of Tajikistan expressed their readiness to develop new forms and directions of cooperation. This was discussed at the meeting of the Chairman of Minsk Regional Executive Committee Alexander Turchin with the Chairman of Sughd Region Rajabboy Akhmadzoda.


Before the official meeting in Minsk Oblast Executive Committee, the delegation of Sughd region headed by Rajabboy Akhmadzoda visited the Chinese-Belarusian Industrial Park "Great Stone".

Foreign guests were awaited at the Innovation Center for the Commercialization of Scientific and Technical Developments: here they were introduced to a photographic exposition dedicated to the history of the park.

- A favorable investment climate has been created in the park, guaranteed by both national legislation and special international agreements and obligations. Investors are attracted by incentives, a large list of preferences. Perhaps, over time, residents from the Republic of Tajikistan will also appear in the "Great Stone": by the way, the largest industrial park in Europe, - Alexander Yaroshenko expressed hope.

Since the beginning of this year, 14 new residents with Chinese, Belarusian, Russian, Swiss and Ukrainian capital have been attracted to the industrial park - with a total volume of declared investments of about $ 40 million. New residents of the park will implement various projects, including in the field of computer technology , interactive banking and robotic pharmacy terminals, specialized vehicles for agriculture and forestry. Thanks to these and other industries, about 650 jobs will be created.

Also, foreign guests made a small excursion around the territory of the industrial park: or, as noted by the members of the delegation of the Sughd region, a small state, the construction of which is proceeding at some irresistible pace.

Alexander Turchin greeted his colleague, noting that warm relations between Tajikistan and Belarus have developed, including thanks to the strong friendship of the leaders of the two states.

- Therefore, cooperation between our regions needs to be developed, and not only in economic terms. There should be cooperation in the field of culture and education. We must learn about our peoples, our customs, - said Alexander Turchin.

In turn, Rajabboy Akhmadzoda thanked the chairman of Minsk Region Executive Committee for the warm welcome, stressing that the enterprises of the Sughd region are ready to build up economic ties with Minsk region.

- This is, first of all, light industry. Back in the days of the USSR, Tajikistan was famous for the quality of its cotton - the best, probably, both in those years and now. There are large companies that are engaged in the production of products from this plant fiber - therefore we are interested both in the supply of cotton and the creation of joint ventures in Tajikistan, - said Alexander Turchin. - Cooperation in the field of agriculture was also discussed. We supply sugar to Tajikistan, and our sugar factories have their own canning production. So we are interested in adding an assortment of nectar juices from those fruits and berries that do not grow here, but are grown in Tajikistan and are of the highest quality.

On the first day of the visit to the Minsk region, the delegation of Tajikistan visited not only the Great Stone Park, but also the BELAZ enterprise.

- There is a mining industry in Tajikistan. I think that cooperation with our Zhodino giant will also develop. The topic of electric buses was also discussed. In short, there are many directions in which we can move more actively. Well, the driver of all this is interregional cooperation between our regions. I think during this visit we will sign an agreement between Zhodino and one of the districts of Sughd region.

The chairman of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee stressed: attention will be paid to the development of cooperation in the field of education, culture, tourism.

- There is something to see, both in our country and in Tajikistan. Therefore, Governor Rajabboy Ahmadzoda and I agreed that our experts will work through all these issues. And during the visit of the delegation of the Minsk region to the Sughd region, some real projects will already be the result of our meetings, - summed up the head of the central region.

In turn, Rajabboy Ahmadzoda recalled that 2 years ago the delegation of the Sughd region had already visited the Minsk region - at the same time agreements on cooperation in agriculture and light industry were signed.

— After our meeting, the trade turnover between the Minsk and Sughd regions has doubled,” Rajabboy Ahmadzoda drew attention. - And following the results of today's meeting with our Belarusian colleague Alexander Turchin, we agreed to establish joint ventures. Our region has great potential in light industry and cotton processing. In addition, the creation of a joint venture for cotton processing in the Sughd region will create new jobs. We also discussed with Alexander Turchin joint projects for leather processing and the creation of a shoe factory.

The Sughd region annually receives more than 1 million tons of vegetables and fruits, which, after processing, are supplied to Europe, Asia, and Russia.

- We want to increase the supply of these products to the Belarusian market. The head of the Minsk region accepted our proposal to establish a joint venture for the processing of canned food. I hope that such a plant will be built in the near future.

The Sughd region is also interested in obtaining high-quality potato seeds.

- On behalf of our President Emomali Rahmon, the Sughd region should increase the volume of potatoes obtained to 1 million tons within 3-4 years. Therefore, we really need good potato seeds. And since Belarus is famous for this vegetable, you have a lot of experience in growing it - we agreed with Alexander Turchin to supply high-quality potato seeds to the districts of our region.

Rajabboy Ahmadzoda noted: Sogd region is also interested in setting up joint ventures for the production of household appliances, in particular refrigerators, televisions, air conditioners.

At the end of the meeting, the guests exchanged traditional gifts and souvenirs.


In January-August 2021, the foreign trade turnover in goods of the Minsk region with the Republic of Tajikistan amounted to $ 22.4 million (growth rate - 315.0%), including the export of goods - $ 22.3 million (growth rate - 319.6%) , import of goods - $ 0.1 million (rate - 87.1%). The foreign trade balance was positive in the amount of $ 11.4 million.

Foreign trade turnover in services for the same period amounted to $ 1.2 million (growth rate - 138.5%), including export of services - $ 1.0 million (growth rate - 134.8%), import of services - $ 0.2 million . (growth rate - 161.9%). The balance of external services was positive in the amount of $ 0.8 million.

In January-June 2021, the volume of foreign direct investment from the Republic of Tajikistan amounted to $ 10.1 thousand, or 123.2% compared to January-June 2020.

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