"Society is going through a spiritual and moral crisis" - Alexander Turchin

On April 2, representatives of the parishes of the Belarusian Orthodox Church and teachers of the capital region spoke about the education of spirituality on the basis of Orthodox traditions. This time the focus was on vocational education institutions. Therefore, Borisov State College was chosen as the venue for the scientific and practical seminar. The head of the central region Alexander Turchin and Metropolitan of Minsk and Zaslavl, Patriarchal Exarch of All Belarus Benjamin take part in the seminar.

Traditionally, the meeting began with exhibitions, master classes, photo zones “Spirituality. Orthodox traditions ”. And the central region has something to show and tell about. Chairman of Minsk Regional Executive Committee Alexander Turchin noted that fruitful interaction of educational institutions and the Belarusian Orthodox Church has been established in the Minsk region, resource centers for spiritual and moral education of students are functioning, optional classes on the basics of Orthodox culture are organized, events are held with the participation of representatives of religious organizations and national cultural public associations.

“Spiritual and moral development and upbringing of a person is a complex, multifaceted process,” said Alexander Turchin. - It is inseparable from human life in all its fullness and contradiction. It is inseparable from the family, society, culture, humanity as a whole, from the country of residence and from the cultural and historical era that forms the way of life of the people and the consciousness of a person. Here a special role is assigned to the church, which has always been and will be the spiritual foundation of our state.

The Governor noted that there is a lack of spirituality in our society.

- I am grateful to the Belarusian Orthodox Church for such cooperation and today's event. - said Alexander Turchin. - Thanks to Vladyka Benjamin, we have very close cooperation. Yes, sometimes this work is not visible. And yet it is very intense.

The head of the central region could not help but touch upon the current difficult situation in society, which is experiencing a spiritual and moral crisis. And he emphasized that he was especially concerned about young people.

- We should try to reach out to everyone, speaking about simple human values, in simple human language: about love, about compassion, about happiness. At today's exhibition I was pleasantly surprised by our youth and the projects they are doing. Their sincerity in the implementation of these projects. Looking at our youth, there is a feeling that a good future awaits our country.

Vladyka Benjamin noted that the Orthodox Church renders every possible assistance to educational institutions and is ready to make even more efforts to solve this problem:
- A special place in our cooperation should be occupied by vocational education institutions, in which the most important stage of the civil formation of a young person takes place. Today in this sphere of education there are serious processes of rethinking the goals and content of education, which makes it even more popular to discuss the formation of the spiritual and moral image of the future specialist and citizen.
The demand for the authority and experience of the Orthodox Church, its role in spiritual enlightenment and moral strengthening of society has been repeatedly noted by the head of our state. In turn, the Church of Christ sees its main task in cooperation in the field of education, primarily in the upbringing of a person, the formation of his inner core on the basis of centuries of experience in creating a spiritual and moral person.
“Our cooperation is also a unique opportunity to help young people feel their belonging to the thousand-year history of the Motherland, to touch our shrines, to realize their national identity, which sounds especially important in the Year of Unity. After all, it is no secret that the Church not only had a decisive influence on the formation of the culture and spirituality of the people, but also managed to preserve many evidences of its rich history, priceless cultural treasures. Chronicles and sermons of Belarusian saints, temple architecture and icon painting - all this allows you to feel your involvement in the centuries-old history, to realize yourself as a Belarusian, - added Veniamin.

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