Ski resorts in Logoisk district are actively preparing for the season
Ski resorts in Logoisk district are actively preparing for the season

Everyone will surely remember the last snowy winter, when nature itself created ideal conditions for recreation for fans of outdoor activities. It is for this reason that in ski resorts, including Belarusian Switzerland, there was an exuberant demand for ski and snowboard rental, as well as huge queues for the slopes. Are they ready for the invasion of skiers and snowboarders this year? 


Complex "Logoisk" does not wait for manna in the form of heavy snowfall, but "cooks" the snow on its own. Thanks to the technology of creating artificial snow using snow cannons and a steady night minus, they were able to create a cover for the work of the training slope.   

- They started to prepare it first, as both children and adults can go down the "training". They will be helped by our school of instructors, which will teach how to ski and snowboard, ”says a representative of the marketing service of the Logoisk State Sports Complex. - This track has already received its first visitors.

Today the cannons are snowing the track # 4. This is already a more serious level, which is suitable for extreme lovers who confidently own ski equipment.

“The ideal conditions for snowmaking are sub-zero temperatures throughout the day,” the specialist emphasized. - As soon as the real winter weather sets in, the technology will bring all five tracks to mind. In this case, the resort will start working in full force, including popular night skiing.   

The resort is also preparing for the New Year. Those who did not manage to book hotel rooms and places in houses will be disappointed. There are no more vacancies both in the room stock and in the local restaurant.

The hills are also in fog today - the cannons are working almost around the clock, preparing the first three slopes for the opening.

“If weather conditions permit, we plan to launch them by December 10,” says marketing specialist Anastasia. - This will be a training slope, as well as tracks # 1 and # 4, which are good because they are suitable for skiers with an average level of skill.

In total, the resort has 13 tracks, the 14th is the most difficult level, a track for real aces.   

- As a rule, it starts later than others, when a lot of natural snow falls,” says the marketer. - But with our ski infrastructure, this is permissible, because other slopes are also good for professionals. By the way, a surprise awaits them in the form of updated figures of the snow park. And this is not the only update. For example, skis and skates have been purchased for the season. We also worked on errors in the field of catering. This year there will be many more outlets for hot food; the restaurant will offer its guests an updated menu. And the surprises won't end there.

By the way, January was the most visited last year. In one month, the resort was visited by 45 thousand people.

Well, skating fans should be told that on December 3 "Silichi" will open a skating rink.   

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