Spring holidays in Minsk region: in teams of up to 15 people, mandatory "morning filters"
Spring holidays in Minsk region: in teams of up to 15 people, mandatory "morning filters"

Spring break for schoolchildren will run from March 27 to April 4. During this period, more than 300 camps with day and round the clock stay will operate in Minsk region. They plan to improve more than 9.7 thousand children, the Minsk regional administration of the Republican center for health improvement and sanatorium treatment reported.


Before the start of the holidays, safety lessons will be held in all educational institutions to teach schoolchildren the rules of safe behavior. Both children and their legal representatives will be informed about the employment of minors during the holidays, the schedules of events - this will be done at parent meetings, relevant information will also appear on information stands, on the websites of educational institutions.

Enrollment of schoolchildren in camps will take place strictly on a declarative basis with the priority right to improve the health of children from large and low-income families, orphans, children with disabilities, as well as students with whom individual preventive work is carried out. For these purposes, the Minsk regional department of the Republican center for health improvement and sanatorium-resort treatment of the population allocated more than 253 thousand rubles.

In all camps, the necessary conditions will be created to prevent the introduction and spread of COVID-19. Institutions are already equipped with personal protective equipment: antiseptics, masks, gloves. There are hand sanitizer dispensers at the entrance to the buildings. Each of the detachments will have no more than 15 people, each of them will be assigned play rooms. Moreover, the stay of children is organized in strictly designated places, the union of pupils from different units into one group is excluded.

The arrangement of furniture in the premises will also be carried out in accordance with the principle of social distancing. In addition, it is planned to conduct daily "morning filters" with mandatory thermometry in order to identify and prevent pupils with signs of respiratory diseases from entering the detachment. As for cultural and sports and recreational events, they will be held in the open air.

In camps with a day stay for children, 3 meals a day are provided, with a 24-hour stay - 5 meals a day. The menu will definitely include fresh vegetables and fruits.

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