"Theatrical baggage" of Minsk region. Drama Theater in Molodechno turns 30
"Theatrical baggage" of Minsk region. Drama Theater in Molodechno turns 30

This year Minsk Regional Drama Theater marks a significant date - the 30th anniversary of its foundation. The collective has planned festive events for May 13th. They will begin with the congratulatory program “The theater celebrates its anniversary”, and will end with the dramatic ballad “Don’t Pack Meane” based on the play by Alexei Dudarev.


“We really wanted the anniversary program to be bright, interesting, varied, and most importantly memorable,” says the theater director Elena Sokolovskaya. - Therefore, we have “painted” festive events for the whole day. The events will begin at 12 noon with a greeting card "The theater has an anniversary", during which our spectators and numerous guests will be able to communicate with the theater troupe, as well as congratulate their favorite actors on the holiday.

It's not a secret for anyone that whole generations of young people have grown up at the performances of the Minsk Regional Drama Theater, many of which have already become its visiting cards. They have been on stage for decades, but they still remain in demand, both among local residents and spectators from all over the Minsk region.

All these thirty years the theater has tried to be different: either a solid and respectable gentleman who loves the classics, or a perky and cheerful student playing performances for children and youth.

By the way, she will also be involved in anniversary events. At 13 o'clock in the gymnasium-college of arts in the city of Molodechno, where there is a theater department, an art meeting "Profession in art" will be held with the participation of the Belarusian playwright and screenwriter, Honored Art Worker of the Byelorussian SSR Aleksey Dudarev, as well as theater actress, theater director, folk artist of the Byelorussian SSR Maria Zakharevich.

“The Minsk Regional Museum of Local Lore has also joined our events,” says Elena Sokolovskaya. - The exhibition "Theatrical sketches" will be held within its walls, during which the presenters will offer to return to the history of the theater and show visitors the scenery and costumes from our most popular performances.

And then there will be a jubilee show "Theatrical Baggage" directed by Elena Rakhmangulova and Sergey Korsey. Keeping intrigue, we will not disclose all its details. I will only say that pleasant surprises and unexpected discoveries await the audience.

It all started with "Land"

The initiator of the creation of the theater in Molodechno was the Honored Worker of Culture of the Republic of Belarus Nikolai Matskevich, who led the team until 2002. During this time, he staged 14 performances of the most diverse genre and content. The basis of the troupe was made up of graduates of creative universities in Minsk.

It all started with the play "Land" based on Yakub Kolas's poem "New Land". Behind him were Yanka Kupala's Raskidanae Gnyazdo, Kamedyya by Vladimir Rudov, Vechar by Aleksey Dudarev. Thanks to cooperation with the playwright, the following plays were shown for the first time on the Molodechno stage: "Alienation", "Prince Mamabuk", "Kim", "Babylon". With his authority, Dudarev has repeatedly helped the theater to carry out creative plans. He also acted as one of the co-founders of the Maladzechanskaya Sakavitsa festival.

They say that the theater has a privileged position. Because no other art can boast of such a huge arsenal of direct contacts with a person, including dialogue with him, and rapprochement. And even this feature does not always make it possible to understand what the viewer really needs. Therefore, the troupe of the Molodechno Theater is in eternal search for new creative ideas. Among the treasures that have been discovered, there is also the dramatic ballad “Don’t Pack Meane”, which is included in the number of anniversary events. It will be possible to watch the performance both on the day of the main celebrations and on May 15. The actors of the Minsk Regional Drama Theater, given the epidemiological situation and the small number of seats in the hall, will duplicate the event. Again for your beloved viewer!

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