Zaslavl - one of the oldest towns in Belarus, it is more than 1000 years old. The events that preceded its appearance were narrated by eight Russian ancient chronicles. Pages of history Zaslavl are read through the magic mist of legend, which lead to the XII century. Proud princess of Polotsk Ragneda and her son Izyaslav were exiled here for an attempt to kill Prince Vladimir of Kiev, her husband. Here she adopted Christianity, became the first in the Belarusian history nun named Anastasia, founded a Christian monastery, the first in the Eastern Europe.

In the XVI century Zaslavl was heavily fortified. To this day, trenches and ramparts have been well preserved - here was the first in Belarus bastion castle. the Spaso Preobrazhenskaya Church – a monument of architecture of the 2nd half of the XVI - the early XVII centuries – has been preserved. In this building humanist, Protestant preacher Symon Budny read his sermons. The baroque church of the Virgin Mary (1774) has been recently restored.

Today Zaslavl is a complex of monuments and sites - archaeological and architectural, united in a common historical and cultural museum-reserve. Among the most significant archaeological monuments are: the mound «Zamechek», built for Rogneda and Izyaslav by Prince Vladimir, the mound «Val» of the end of the XVI century and ten burial mounds (the X-XI c.) The architectural wealth of Zaslavl is the Calvinist Cathedral of the XVI century. (now – the Preobrazhenskaya Church), the Church of St. Mary of the XVII century, the wing of the Pshezdetskie Palace, a wooden building of the late XIX – the early XX centuries. In addition, there is a surround museum, museum of musical instruments, handicrafts, tapestries. Its ethnographic complexes are very attractive for tourists.