Sport and Rest Centres
Sport and Rest Centres

Republican Ski Centre «Silichi»

Republican Ski Centre «Silichi» was opened on January, 29 2004 in Logoysk Region, Minsk Oblast. The opening ceremony was attended by the President of the Republic of Belarus Alexandr Lukashenko who first tested the ski slope. According to the Head of the State, the new ski centre is so good that both usual sport amateurs and VIPs will like it.

The main prerequisite for establishment of a ski centre became the hilly landscape, which has 76 meters drop from the top to the bottom points. This allowed significantly reduce the earthworks and implement them in a short term. The centre has been built record-fastly: during 6 months instead of 3 years. After a 30-meter padding, the slopes turned out quite steep, with a drop of up to 100 meters, the angle of the slopes allows their usage for downhill.

To keep from cutting down the local precious woods, among which there are oaks and firs, all the ways of the complex were designed for usage of forest glades and local roads.

The total length of the ways is more than 2500 meters. Night skiing is possible thanks to good lightning. A pond, supplying artificial snow to the ski ways, plays additional, but no less important role. There is a small slope for children, a parking for 500 cars and a ski-walking way.

The customers are serviced in a hotel holiday town. It comprises a hotel with 60 beds, a restaurant, guest houses and an integrated service area. There is a ski equipment rental office, a ticket office, cafes, a medical centre, a shop, service and household rooms.

Experienced instructors, a gym, a bowling, a swimming pool, service for corporate clients, a guarded parking, Internet access, a conference hall, a branch of «Belarusbank», a skating rink, a children's playground, educators, billyard, a medical service office (24 h.). The rental office will provide skis, ski boots, snowboards and snowblades, sledges, tubing, skatings and other equipment is at the visitors` disposal.

The centre is a new promising target in the sphere of domestic tourism in «the Belarusian Switzerland». In addition to rest for Belarusians and guests of the Republic of Belarus, the ski center «Silichi» still has one more goal - to bring the region into a high level of socio-economic development and create new jobs.

Republican Winter Sports Ski Training Centre «Raubichy»

Republican Winter Sports Ski Training Centre «Raubichy» is located 20 km from the capital of Belarus and 30 km from the airport «Minsk-2» in a hilly, wooded area with diverse nature. These conditions allowed to create good ski slopes, which do not intersect and pass through the forest.

The centre was opened on February, 24 1974. The complex is defined as a center for training of national teams on winter sports, the place for holding international competitions in biathlon, Nordic combined events and ski races, as well as the place for sports and mass, health activities, with the population of Minsk.

The Sports Complex includes high-complexity ways with total length of 20,5 km, a shooting range, an acrobatic slope for freestyle, a complex of ski jumps (20, 40 and 60 meters), the judges' pavilion, a ski-roller track with special coating (length - 6.2 kilometers), a rolldrome for teaching- training sessions of skaters, a sports corpus with 2 universal gyms, tennis courts, playgrounds for football, volleyball, basketball and handball with artificial coating, a rowing channel on Raubichi water-reservoir.

For refreshment and rest there is a medical centre which includes a medical and recreation complex, a range of treatment rooms, 6 saunas, 2 comfortable hotels for 60 and 170 seats, 2
restaurants, a pizzeria and 2 bars. For athletes, spectators and visitors there are specially designed ski slopes, a cinema, a ski equipment rental office, a library with a reading room.

Biathlon winter and summer competitions of Belarus, other competitions are regularly held in Raubichi. In 2004, Biathlon Europe championship was held there.

Ski Sports Complex «Logoysk»

Ski Sports Complex «Logoysk» is located 30 km from Minsk. Opened in 2004, it offers European standard service for amateur skiers and snowboarders.

The vertical drop of the main slope - 82 m., the total length of the ways - 3 679 m. The lighted way with a maximum length of 810 m. is equipped with a chair lift with capacity of 2.000 people per hour. There is also a training slope with a lift, an amusement attraction of snowtubing «Merry cheesecake», services of professional trainers. The complex is equipped with artificial swon system with 2 artificial water-reservoirs with the total area of 2.500 sq. m.

The rental office is at the customers` service. Here you can choose universal carving skis, snowboards, snowmobiles, ATVs. Within the complex there is a restaurant, a hotel, houses for rent. The hotel has a cafe-bar, a billiard room with 2 tables, a winter garden, a sauna, modern indoor tennis courts. In the summer time horseback riding, instruction in riding is available.

Republican Centre for Equestrian and Horse Breeding

Republican Centre for Equestrian and Horse Breeding in Ratomka.

This centre is known for its special horse-riding school, which gave a lot of outstanding sportsmen to the world. Opened in 1964, the centre is working for special training of sportsmen-equestrians in dressage, jumping and triathlon, develops the equestrian sport and is also engaged in breeding work of sport horses on the territory of Belarus. Over the years, the material base of the center has been strengthened, a reserve of the national team has been created, the school gets young horses from the stud farm. Today Ratomka is the place for international competitions in dressage, jumping and triathlon. It provides instruction in the riding, horseback riding, tours and other services. The Ratomka Horses has the trakeynin breed which is included among the 5 most popular breeds in the world.

In 1980, Ratomka hosted equestrian competitions within the Moscow Olympic Games.

On July, 14 2005 the Republican Centre for Equestrian and Horse Breeding in Ratomka was attended by the President of the Republic of Belarus Alexandr Lukashenko.